The Penn Jillette Radio Show August 16, 2006

Wednesday’s show starts with Jonesy’s theme and Penn clicking over it. He’s here with the lovely and talented Michael Goudeau.

Americans Aren’t Stupid. (Featuring Snakes & Smudgy Glasses)

Reuter’s story.
Penn pitching Bulls.Hit
Goudeau avoids snakes.
Penn’s Lesbian Atheist is Claire
Goudeau Bigfoot.
Penn’s “No God” shirt

Defining Elvis as Jewish for a movie.

Bigfoot on line 1.
Human evolution driven by snakes.
Goudeau says she’s wrong

Caller Steve: Stupid people choosing glasses.
Penn talks about glasses and quizzes Goudeau over prices.
Penn gets personal.
Penn’s dirty glasses story

Penn asks a question and gets an answer.

Caller Claire: Lesbian Athiestssp do exist!
Goudeau: That’s your wife!
Sheri on the line
Goudeau: That is your wife!
Sheri is hot.
Penn talks to Claire.
Penn is very happy as we go for a


Goudeau: everyone’s catching snakes
Comics vs Snakes
Gmail Michael Wilson: Michael Moore quote
Goudeau’s Canada quote

Caller Brandon (Penn Thinks I’m Hot): Has a similar problem with his glasses. Americans are not stupid.
Janet Jackson proves Penn’s point.

Goudeau cleans up after Penn.
Penn criticizes the Poll

Caller Tom: Penn goes all retro. Tom talks about intelligent Americans.
Aristocrats in the US

Caller Tim: Loved the patrick moore interview.
Bad test results.
Penn has a theory.

Two stupid Americans take a


Gmail Patti: Drag queen & Penn and Teller get Killed
Gmail: Glasses tip!
Goudeau: Radio network use.
Penn quotes Ben: Canada

Caller Roger: Glasses rant and kids are getting dumber.
Penn: No child left behind may be bad but there are some bright kids out there!

Caller Brian: General Knowledge – who cares?
Goudeau is here for Penn.
Taking things for granted.
Penn is astonished by his own stupidity!

Google makes facts meaningless.
Goudeau finds out some facts.

Caller Eric: Penn agrees with Eric.

Goudeau serch results

Caller Michelle: <not there>

Caller Will: Will ends the argument.
Penn shuts the English up. Sometimes.

Penn talks about being a big dumb American!

If you see Penn in a rest room:
Do not take away Penn’s Glasses!

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