Onward to Egypt! Penn & Teller go to the busy streets of Cairo looking for street performers (gali gali).

The cups and balls routine was invented in Egypt by the Gali Gali men thousands of years ago.

Penn & Teller brought their own cans of foods, avoiding the Egyptian food.

Penn & Teller do their 3 of clubs trick for Shona, their driver.

Teller speaks! He talks about sharing tricks with magicians, trying to overcome the language barrier.

While Penn & Teller are doing a trick in a Cairo coffee house, one of the waiters eats glass, bricks and nails

They meet with Koram, the grandson of Luxor Gali Gali, who did magic on the Ed Sullivan show in the 1940s. He does some magic for Teller.

Penn & Teller vanish the pyramids.

Penn & Teller visit with The Great Bafa of Alexandria, a snake swallower. He also does a cigarette vanish.

Penn & Teller head to Beni Hassan tombs, for the earliest representations of the cups and balls. Penn finds some 4000 year old juggling paintings.

They perform their version of the cups and balls in the tomb.

During the closing credits, they float one of the pyramids.


“This is Teller brushing his teeth with bottled water. Teller has goggles here that he wears in the shower so he doesn’t get stuff in his eyes when he’s showering. And he actually put tape over his mouth to shower, so he wouldn’t get any microbes in there. We’re Penn & Teller, and we’re here in Egypt, so you don’t have to go.” – Penn Jillette

“Our first taste of Egyptian magic: the Chinese linking rings” – Penn Jillette

“Avast ye maties, I’m on the ship of the desert!” – Penn, just before he goes on an explicit and wild camel ride

“No one knows how many people live in Cairo, but my best guess is 17,272,423, and everyone of them drives. It’s the second most polluted city in the world.” – Penn Jillette

“Since they all heard at our little fanclub that we were eating canned pears, they’ve decided to, now it’s 10 o’clock in the evening over here, and they’re having canned pears at just about noon on the West coast, and we’re enjoying it with them.” – Penn Jillette

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