– The show is played in by the “Mike Jones Duo”: Mike Jones and Penn Jillette. Not Vince Guaraldi, as Goudeau thought.

Tiktaalik, the walking fish

– Superman cleans up the KKK?

– Penn played poker with the “Queer Eye” guys (who he hates). He thought the converted straight guy just looked “queered up”. Susan Anton ended up winning the game.

– “We fought the queers, and the queers won.” – Penn Jillette, because Queer Eye beat Penn & Teller: Bullshit! for Emmys.

– Penn asked one of the “Queer Eye” guys if there were ever any “straight” guys who they suspected were gay on the show. He was pretty sure there had been.

– Talked to David Shaw re: Tiktaalik. The creationists say, “Show us the transitional forms” Well, here it is!

– “Here’s the missing link. Now we’re missing two links [the one above and the one below]” – Dave Shaw

-2:18pm BREAK-

– If you’re going to the Penn & Teller show in as Vegas, show up an hour early to see Penn playing bass with Mike Jones.

Ancient manuscript shedding light on Judas and Jesus. It’s just like Great Balls of Fire!.

– Mel Gibson is redoing all the “Lethal Weapon” movies in Aramaic…

– The Three Stooges

– Corrine calls in, asking about “god of the margin”. Penn says, as science expands, god is pushed to the margin.

-3:34pm BREAK-

– What happened in 1706? Ben Franklin was born (hey, that was my email!), Pachelbel died (hit by a canon).

Dental drilling dates back at least 9000 years.

– “Michael Goudeau MacGyver” – Penn

South Park wins a Peabody

Sam Harris interviewed by TruthDig.

– “Superman fought the klan, and Superman won” – Penn

– Call from Eric: public stoning was invented in 1706 in America. Then the victim broke the pole he was tied to from the ground, and hit the stone, for the first hit and run.

– Halloween’s circular firing squad. Clearly the cops didn’t think about the safety risks when they did that.

– Next week, Chris Bliss will be on.

PostRapture, hand delivering your messages after the rapture. (the site is down right now…)

-2:54pm END-

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