– A dominatrix in New Orleans & Atheism

– “If want to have respect for all the wackjobs who have imaginary friends, then you have to have respect for wackjobs who have no imaginary friends.” – Penn Jillette, on atheists and freedom of religion.

Meridith Viera heading to NBC to co-host the “Today Show”

– A letter from the world’s best dominatrix. “Why is sex for money illegal, but assault for money is perfectly legal.” – Victoria Thrashing

– Goudeau’s phone goes off during the show. He bought it off of eBay, because he hates “Rest Ry”, and they’re not honoring their warranty.

Astronomers have found two black holes on a collision course.

Banning junk food from school.

A very powerful quake hit the Pacific zone, six kilometres below Fiji, but no tsunami warning was issued. All the letters in the alphabet used to write that?

– “A bittersweet comedy about the drama of being alive”, no one wants to see that. You want to see Slither.

– Call from Jeremy: You can’t pay for a sin (sex), but you can pay to get the crap beat out of you.

– Call from Ernesto: Red Stick sex laws… You can’t have sex in exchange for money.

– It’s not Darwin’s Theory on Survival of the Fittest, but Herbert Spencer. Darwin’s theory was Natural Selection.

– 3:19pm BREAK-

– Call from Amy: “Prostitution would break down American society.” Exchange of money implies a contract, so that’s why it’s ok to assualt someone in BDSM. She didn’t have a safe word…

– Call from Mike: “If prostitution was legal, all women would become prostitutes”. Lily Tomlin would not become a prostitute, though. If you had a notarized letter to do BDSM, instead of exchanging money, that would be great

– “I think when you host a radio show… the call you dream of … ‘If there were no laws about prostitution, all women without jobs would become prostitutes’ ” – Penn Jillette

– Call from Jared: The sex laws in LA are based on the navy laws, due to outbreaks of syphilis. He thinks getting beat up is safer than having sex. “All unemployed women are whores.” – Jared, NOT Penn

-3:34pm BREAK-

– “What does a mime do for a safe word?” – Penn Jillette

– “Jesus Christ, poor bastard forgot his safe word” – Emo Philips

– From a gmail: “My fantasy is to punch the guy who said all women are prostitutes in the mouth” – Hellbound Alleee

– Call from “Line 10”: Distinguish between paying sex & paying for BDSM. Reiterating that exchange of money is entering into a contract. Why aren’t you allowed to pay to have yourself killed?

– The “Bum Fights” guys got busted.

– Katie Couric said “There are no Atheists in foxholes”. Penn reads an open letter from Gid L. White (a soldier and atheist) to Katie Couric. Gid’s dogtags were the first to have “Atheist” on them.

– “Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you unpatriotic bitch.” – Penn, after reading Gid’s letter

– Chris Bliss will be on the show Wednesday.

– 3:54pm END-

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