– Goudeau has terrible taste in music.

– Friday night, Bob Dylan played in Las Vegas. Jeff (Penn’s assistant) was offered free tickets to the show, but was going to see Queen (with Paul Rodgers) instead. Penn sat him down, and tried to convince him to go to Dylan. Not sure who he chose to see, though…

– On Friday’s show, they talked about “there are no atheists in foxholes”. That says more about foxholes than atheists…

A Dutchman is building a working model of Noah’s Ark to teach them about xianity. Goudeau sucks at math.

– “Why don’t you dig wells in Ethiopia?” – Dutchman’s wife

– Solar-powered flashlights going to third-world countries? More after the break.

– 2:18pm BREAK –

50 Lanterns International. An organization that provides solar-powered lanterns to people around the world.

A child’s playground that will pump water for the town. Not related to sewingforfun.org… They sell advertising on the tanks… “Atheists built this to save your lives, because they love you.” – Goudeau

– Noah’s wife name was Emzara.

Lance Burton wants his loaner duck back from Penn & Teller.

– You don’t need to fit Sperm whales on the ark, they can swim.

– 2:37pm BREAK –

Bill Nye got in trouble with religious folk.

– “Bill Nye, the science guy. Mike Goudeau, the science schmo” – Penn Jillette

– “I like Tom Cruise, because he will bold-face lie.” – Penn Jillette

Chris Bliss will be on Wednesday’s show, talking about the viral video of his juggling, his encounter with The Beatles, and the ten commandments.

– 2:53pm END –

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