Chris Bliss is in the studio!

On today’s show, Penn and Goudeau thrill us with:

– The end of the monkey story, but not just yet.

– Chris Bliss is on in a minute!

– OK, back to the monkey & dwarf story… An 80 lb monkey has the strength of a 300 lb man… Monkeys are perverts, and don’t listen to women… Penn has invited a dwarf to the same party as a monkey, showing how little “circus” he is (according to Goudeau).

– To introduce the monkey to the dwarf, they had planned that he (the monkey) was in the hands of Penn’s girlfriend, and Goudeau and the Vigilante Squad were armed, and ready to kill the monkey if he started to attack Arturo (the dwarf).

– When the monkey sees Arturo, he freaks out, and peels out of the girlfriend’s arms. Luckily, the dwarf gets inside the house, and suddenly, the monkey is fine. So for the rest of the night, they shuttle them around the house, to make sure they were never in the same room at the same time. UNTIL, Arturo was sitting on a bar stool, and the monkey was fooled by his height, and thought he was fine. So at the next party with the dwarf and the monkey, they were going to have Arturo walk around on painter’s stilts…

Unfortunately, there was no next party.

End of the monkey story

– What’s the biggest animal you could kill with your bare hands? One of Penn’s friends claims he could kill a cow, by punching it in the eye, then reaching in a scrambling its brains. Yeesh.

– On to Bliss after the break! “Chris Bliss is a lousy juggler.” – Penn

– Dean Cameron made Security Edition, a metal copy of the Bill of Rights. Bliss’ project is to put a monument to the Bill of Rights everywhere there is a monument to the ten commandments.

– Chris Bliss’ video is even on Ringo Starr’s website (click on “videos”).

– 2:19pm BREAK –

– “Three jugglers talking politics!” – Penn

– Penn explains how he was the one who stirred the hornet’s nest re: the Golden Slumbers video, and the retort by Jason Garfield. Also, Anthony Gatto is the world’s best juggler, not Garfield.

– Bliss was upset that people were saying the ten commandments were the basis of the laws in the US, when in actuality it was the Bill of Rights. So his project is to put up a monuments of the Bill of Rights in front of every state Capital, and then on to other important places.

– Goudeau had already donated, and Penn has pledged to send $250 in (the maximum allowable, because Bliss wants it to be a grassroots thing, not a corporate advertising opportunity).

– Each monument is site-specific, designed to fit in with the area and community it will reside in.

– 2:35pm BREAK –

– The Bill of Rights is a compromise, put together to solve problems.

– Perhaps the separation of State and Money would have been something to add to the Bills of Rights.

– “Free societies create free markets, free markets do not necessarily create free societies.” – Bliss

– They got to talking about religion, and Bliss mentioned he is closer to Buddhism than anything else, even though most people must think he’s an atheist.

– “Atheism can be not believing in god, or believing there is no god.” – Penn

– “You do the good because it’s good, not because of the punishment.” – Bliss

– “The biggest meeting of jugglers, talking about something other than juggling, ever.” – Penn

– And once again,
– 2:54pm END –

Another good one. Not too many quotes, as it was mainly a conversation between Bliss and Penn.

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