On today’s show, it’s Happy Jack’s 41st birthday:

– Lincoln was shot on good Friday, April 14th, 1865. And right after, people were making parallels between him and jebus.

– Penn was in “Wall Street” by Oliver Stone, but was cut out. He thought he was cut out because of time, but now he just thinks it was because he sucked.

– “Two things I wouldn’t do over again, High School and Miami Vice.” – Penn

– On today’s show, we’ll hear from gmails, and about David Blaine

– What do these people have in common? Florence Joyner (FloJo), Claude Shannon, Richard Feinman, Steven Hawking, WC Fields, Tom Hanks, William Golding… All jugglers

– “I respect Steven Hawking for two reasons: He divorced his wife because he was having an affair with his nurse, and he was on Larry King” – Penn

– Sean Penn took his own camera crew down to New Orleans when he was saving people. It’s ok to showboat while you’re saving people.

– “No matter what you say in public, you will hurt people” – Penn

– Angry people respond to some earlier segments: worm feces, killing antelopes, and tapeworms. “I am angry and disturbed by you talking about worm feces on the radio. Goddamn you to hell” – Chris, via gmail

– You can now buy a condo on the Atlanta Speedway.

“Love Tapes”, is a play written by Penn and Steven Banks (of Sponge Bob fame), directed by Jessie Marion. She won Best Director. “When you are an adult, you can eat candy for breakfast” – Jessie Marion

– 2:19pm BREAK –

– You can also buy a condo on a runway…

– “I have a sex dungeon, and a fireman’s pole. What more could a twelve-year old boy want?” – Penn (be sure to take this out of context).

– Joe on the phone….. Or not…. OK, now he’s there… Former @ Bell Labs (Claude Shannon also worked there). Shannon found that for a two-armed juggler, the maximum things could juggle was 9 to 11.

– “This is not rocket surgery!” – Crasher

– News about David Blaine: Blaine is going to live underwater for a week in a “Human Aquarium”, aka swimming pool, as part of a 2-hour special on NBC.

– Some of Blaine’s previous stunts: flagpole sitting, living in an igloo for 2 days, not eating for 44 days above the Thames.

– “And I like David Blaine, he’s a friend. Imagine if I didn’t like him” – Penn

– 2:35pm BREAK –

– Phone call from May about David Blaine: She works at a Magic store, and breaks the hearts of kids all the time when they come in a find out how easy the tricks are.

– “What matters on TV is the reaction of the people being blown away” – Penn

– In the frozen blcok trick, the hardest part of the stunt is keeping the ice frozen, and keeping David Blaine standing.

– He trained with Navy Seals for his underwater thing… What sort of training do you need stay underwater for a week?

– Someone else wrote in with a great monkey story, and he’ll talk about it next week.

Cheetah (the monkey) paints now that he is retired from showbiz.

– They are taking Monday off so they can celebrate the resurrection of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, so tune in Tuesday.

LOL, just kidding! There’s a show like usual on Monday. Had you going for a second, didn’t I?

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