Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette is #1 on AOL!(click through on the poll to see it). It works everywhere, even “200 clicks outside of Beijing”.

– People love Monkey Tuesday!.

Moe Howard = Moses Horowitz

– The punishment your children endure for naming your kid a crazy name is that you can’t buy them a license plate with their name on it when you go to a theme park.

– People in showbiz go to meetings, FYI.

– On his way back from LA, Penn ran into Criss Angel, and they sat together on the flight back to LV.

Criss Angel just wears that cross to piss off Penn… Criss was spreading rumours to airline passengers that he was replacing Teller.

– A famous radio jockey (aka Howard Stern) is being sued for $500M for talking about his satellite show on terrestrial radio.

Bob Dylan is going to have a show on XM radio. Not of him singing, but just talking about music.

– Gmail about Monkey Tuesday!, from John: The pros and cons of Smoking Monkeys…

– So, no Monkey Tuesday! next week, due to the Lennon seance. But maybe the next week. Someone had mentioned “Wombat Wednesday”…

– OK, back to Criss Angel: While on a flight, Penn & Criss were chatting, and Criss described all these great tricks he was going to do, and then told him how they were going to be done. Also, when he first became famous, he got sick a lot, from all of the handshaking. Now he carries around Purell (not a sponsor) to disinfect his hands. That may kill viruses, but does it kill bacteria?

– A bacterium is to a virus as a truck is to a baseball. Maybe?

– 35% of AOL people voted that Moxie CrimeFighter was the weirdest name of those put up in a poll.

– 2:20pm BREAK –

Dr. Greene’s answer to bacteria and viruses

People dressed up and celebrated the Big One (aka, the earthquake from 100 years ago). Will people be doing the same on Sept. 11, 2101?

– At Bally’s, they reinact the sinking of the Titanic as a dance number.

There are plans inthe works to create the world’s longest chain of bras. It will be 100,000 bras, 56 miles long. Longest chain of jock straps = 1.

– This Sunday is the AFAN AIDS walk, which is anti-AIDS, not pro-AIDS like the Catholic church. or

– 2:36pm BREAK –

– Here Teller speak! When he will curse at the protestors at this Sunday’s walk.

– Chris on the phone: A Halowe’en story. He saw a clown chasing a mime down the street. And the only one making any noise was the mime.

– Death Penalty show on Bulls Hit Monday night. Speaking of Alan Gell (the man who was taken off of death row, and interviewed during the show), was just caught and arrested for various charges. Gell had been in jail for another charge when the murder he was originally charged for happened.

– Why is it OK to carry a gun, but not the death penalty? Because a gun is a noun, whereas the other is a verb (to kill).

– If you kill 1 in 1,000,000 innocent people, that’s still one too many. You can’t just put bad people in jail because they might do something bad int he future (ie, Alan Gell).

– 2:54pm END –

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