– Making the final decision on the Lennon seance winner.

– Garrett WILL be the winner, unless someone calls in and tells Penn why he shouldn’t win the competition…

– Another way to win is to take part in the AIDS walk on Sunday. The walk is anti-AIDS, not pro-AIDS. http://afanlv.org

– Teller wrote a book about David P. Abbott, and it’s about $500 (actually, $100). And they’re giving away the book, and Penn’s cheesy books, and P&T; shirts if you go on this (anti-)AIDS walk.

– There will be lots of fun walkers, and a few protestors. Moxie will be handling the debate with them.

Patrick Moore has been on Bulls Hit more than once, and will be on it again, hopefully. He is a founder of Greenpeace, but left. Write in if you have anything to argue about (how great Greenpeace is, how nuclear energy is bad…)

– Penn’s friend Rob Morrow has a daughter named Tu Morrow.

– gmail from Greg: Danny Gans vs. the Scintas? Why are the Shintas better? Because they are at the Rio.

– The Scintas are pretty scitty. Yet, they give out Momma Scinta’s Spaghetti sauce, from their Momma’s original recipe from Sicily. P&T; got some of the sauce, and Teller has the idea to remove the label from the can. Underneath was the label for some generic sauce. They even impersonating their spagetti sauce.

– 2:19pm BREAK –

– Someone calls in, who knows Garrett: Garrett has herpes and wears a helmet, don’t choose him. OK, actually, he doesn’t know him. He wanted to know if he had to be jewish, because his mother is. “If your mother is a jew, you are jewish” is a jewish rule, so if you’re not a jew, it doesn’t apply to you. He went to see Danny Gans about a year ago. Why would you go and see a guy impersonate a bunch of people you would never pay to see anyway?

– Boomer on the line from NJ: He’s an atheist, has a degree, and plays in a band that does Beatles covers. And he has a wife who belives in astrology, so he’s adept at debating them. But he’s missing a real estate closing to talk on the phone. Penn tells him to get back to work.

– John Negraponte said Osama is operating from a narrower and narrower space in Pakistan.

– A student wore a shirt that said “Homosexuality is shameful” to school. He was banned by a panel, who said it’s ok to ban hurtful words on tshirts. Nowhere does it say to stop hurtful words in the Bill of Rights…

– At a NCMEC press conference, Judge Al Gonzales used graphic language to discuss online pornography. After he described what he had seen online, he was promptly arrested…

– President Bush apologized to Chinese President Hu for the protestor who shouted, “Your days are numbered!” Which is silly, because if you didn’t number them, you wouldn’t know which was which.

– A judge has thrown out a case of sexual harrassment arrising from vulgar talk in the writing room for “Friends” that had upset some woman.

– 2:25pm BREAK –

– Evan on the phone about Mike Jones: Jones was on TV the other night, and he talks like he has a hamster in his mouth. Clearly, a case of mistaken identity. That was the other Mike Jones.

– Amaani Lyle (Friends lawsuit) thought that the humor was too rude and was directed to her and amounted to sexual harassment. Penn was a day player on Friends. He thought the craft servceis was so-so, and thought that only Matt Leblanc was the only one who really enjoyed his job, whereas the other main actors were so afraid of losing the popularity. Drew Carey has the nicest craft services Penn has ever seen. Even Bulls Hit pales in comparison to Drew Carey’s.

– On to Death Penalty. Bill R. via gmail: Is it just as bad to take someone’s freedom than their lives? Penn says no. If you take away their freedom for 10 years because they were wrongfully jailed, at least they’ll have their post-jail life back.

– gmail from Petri: So it’s OK to shoot someone who is about to hurt you, but not kill them after they’ve been caught? Penn says the first thing to do is to stop from doing it. Sometimes the only way to stop them is with violence. After they’ve been stopped, you can reflect on what to do with them, and there is no immanent danger.

– What about killing a bear who has mauled someone? The bear’s main defence is, “Hey, I’m a bear!” Will a bear get a taste of human blood, and kill again, does it have rabies, or was it just waking up from hibernation?

– “Never go anywhere money doesn’t matter” – Penn. He was in the Everglades, and was bitten alive by mosquitos. Clearly, the little bastards couldn’t be bought off.

– AIDS Walk on Sunday. http://www.afanlv.org

-2:54pm END –

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