– It’s going to be a rough day, because it’s about Foie Gras, and Penn can’t pronounce it. Even though he had 4 years of French.

Foie Gras is banned in Chicago

Foie Gras = Fat Liver. They use force-feeding to fatten up the liver of geese.

– “Fatwah Gras” – Goudeau

– Penn has a duck in his show, named Lord Duckly II (the original Lord Duckly was sent back to Mr. Burton), maybe they can force feed him…

– Foie Gras is really horrible, but so is eating regular animals.

– In Vegas, there are plenty of places that sell Foie Gras. Including a place at the Rio, so you can see the P&T; show, and then eat some fatty liver.

– Penn asked Ron Jeremy how much it would cost to have him take out his member and put it in the chocolate dessert. Normally, it would be $5, but because it was at Le Cirque, it would be about $15,000.

– Maybe they should set up a website for people from Chicago to register and go to Vegas and eat foie gras. Would CBS foot the bill?

– Goudeau wants to start smuggling foie gras into Chicago, Penn doesn’t think it’s such a great idea to announce that on the radio.

– If ducks could talk, they might say they’d rather work in a Vegas show, than live in the wild, and have to worry about predators. And maybe it’s the same with geese, who would rather get fat, and be lazy, than have to worry about predators. Sort of like Penn settling down in Vegas.

– 2:20pm BREAK –

– Even though it’s not Monkey Tuesday!, Penn

– Jimmy Kimmel did a story on David Copperfield’s run in with robbers: they got away, but they had sketches of the robbers, they were Penn & Teller

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are interested in starring together in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.

– Kirk + Bananas = Proof of god? I’m not convinced. Angelina’s ass, however, is more convincing.

– Call from Line 4: *nothing* New York sucks. Just call the pizza guy.

– Marty on the phone: Does Cheney hunt geese with foie gras? A popular bumper sticker in Colorado: “I’d rather go hunting with Cheney, than driving with Kennedy” Also, Cheney got $2M back on his return, what a nice loan to the government.

– Yarg! My feed went prematurely into an ad. Stupid people in New York and/or Baltimore. OK, back after 45 seconds. Hope I didn’t miss much.

– a gmail about yesterday’s gmail about the draft: The gmailer joined the Marines and is against the draft. It’s not for everyone, it should not be mandatory. He did not sign up for the draft when required to back in 1996 (he was already enlisted), and he has had nothing happen.

– Another gmail: After registering for the draft at his nearby office in New England, the gmailer got a great shot of some woman’s ass, so that’s a pretty strong argument to sign up for the draft.

– 2:36pm BREAK –

– “Where is the outrage in Chicago about the foie gras?” – Penn

– You’d think Steve Dahl would be up in arms…

– via gmail: Foie gras is not a cruelty thing, it’s a patriotic thing. It should be called “Freedom liver”

– Elise from Chicago: She’s a vegetarian, and not really for the ban. Animals that are raised for food are treated really bad, not just foie gras geese. She’d rather that all animals be treated humanely. She’s mainly against caging and branding. But she has tattoos. Including one she can’t mention. It’s a four-leafed clover, as in “If you can see this, you are lucky”.

– Mark in Chicago: He has a tattoo of foie gras across his chest. If you eat at Micromina (have I got that right?) in Vegas, they give you a whole wack of it. And it’s just so much that it ends up tasting like … liver.

– Call on line 3 about the draft: The country gives us so much, but all she asks is some taxes, and signing up for the draft. He’s done it, but hopes to heck that there won’t be a war.

– 2:55pm END –

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