– Check out the official www.pennradio.com website for lots of goodies: Mike Jones audio, pictures of Penn and Goudeau, and also some fan-submitted artwork.

Renee French, author of “The Ticking”: Apparently geese will fight for the gauvage feeding. The “alpha” goose will fight to be first, and will not leave until he is absolutely stuffed.

– Penn had an apartment in NY (the “Pennderosa”), which seems to be a great place to get laid. Renee French and her husband consumated their relationship there, and so did Goudeau and his wife. And Penn made out OK with the ladies there, as well.

– Financial advice from Penn: If you don’t need to sell something in real estate, put it up for way too much money. If it sells, you’re laughing.

– If you are against animals suffering to feed people, then you must become a vegan. You can’t be against KFC but still eat free-range chickens.

– Suffering is different for animals than for humans: the idea of pain continuing can be just as bad as the immediate pain.

– Today is Health Friday! (sorry, no fancy theme song)

– Zolton Penn Jillette will be born within a month. And if Penn and EZ (his wife) have anything to do with it, his penis will remain intact.

– 2:11pm –

Not again! My feed has gone dead, and then on to ads. YARG! Two days in a row, this is annoying.

– 2:13pm OK, it’s back –

– Even if you are a believer in creationism, you can still watch Bulls Hit, and still learn something.

A new circumcision study from South Africa. Apparently circumcision helps to abade the spread of AIDS. If only there was a way to cut down the spread of AIDS without scarring your body! Perhaps condoms?

– 2:19pm BREAK –

– Kathie Lee Gifford is not a fan of Penn’s, and him making a joke about OJ Simpson doesn’t help.

Improved nutrition has increased breast sizes in China.

A man in China received a face transplant after being mauled by a bear. Actually, the guy was chasing the bear around with a stick. Goudeau has chased black bears away from his picnic basket, and still has his original face.

– Mark Wheeler, a friend of Penn’s (the one who was thrown out of the Brittney Spears concert as a suspected child molester) American Geological Survey guy. When surveying, groups must keep talking and singing to scare away bears. They do have a .44 Magnum though, so that’s not too bad. Wheeler says that when a bear is coming at you, you point the gun at the bear’s heart, and must talk to it. They tell you to memorize something, and he had asked Penn what he should say. Penn decided that he should memorize the famous quote from Dirty Harry.

– A caller from NJ: He was circumcised by his choice in High School. He did it because he felt uncomfortable showering with other guys, as his penis was different, so he decided to have it done. After the initial pain, he hasn’t had any problems with it, and is happy he had it done. The ladies seem to enjoy it too.

– 2:35pm BREAK –

– Call from Chris: She works for a urologist, who does a lots of circumcisions of young and older adults. She maintains that it is a cleanliness thing. And also believes that there is no loss of sensitivity due to scarring.

– Adrien on the phone (not a girl): He’s not circumcised, and loves it. Lots of the girls he’s been with enjoy it, and he enjoys keeping himself clean *down there*.

– gmail from Megan: “Foie Gras and Foreskin” She will be coming to Vegas soon for her birthday, and would like to eat foie gras with Penn and Mike. Oh yeah, she’s a vegetarian, but would be willing to sell her soul for supper with them. She is training to be nursing assistant, and is now obsessed with foreskin. She wanted to know if it’s OK to ask a guy if he has his foreskin intact. Penn says sure, but you’re probably going to get a “yes” no matter what!

– 2:54pm END –

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