There are two people tell the joke from the Aristocrats on stage. Gilbert Gottfried and…

Special Guest: Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa talks about Provenza and the Aristocrats.
Telling the joke.
Slurpee Indian/Casino Indian.

Good comedy.
Women comics and disease bracelets.
Lisa gets cut

Penn laughs hard and Lisa gets cut again.

Chevy Chase roast.
Jane Curtin mentioned.

Roasting Artie Lang and Jarry Lewis
Joey Bishop and Danny Thomas story.

Jokes about Chevy

The Aristocrats “Do not screw it up!”
George Carlin Promise
Sitting in your billion dollar house…
“More black guys than hurricane Katrina”

Getting out of stand up…

Penn and airports: “They should be hassling me”


Being on the road for 16 years.
Journalism and how dumb is Bon Jovi?
Geddy Lee
Frank Zappa
Tight ass organization.

Lisa’s homo opener.
No drink/drugs just chocolate and men.
Ozzy out of rehab.
Hair bands.
Spy magazine
Lisa learns she hates children.
Not the real Michael Jackson!

From teacher to standup.

Lisa’s family.
Lisa’s mother – Archie Bunker with boobs
Racial/sexual/religious comedy
ACLU benefit.
Lisa’s audience described.

Lenny Bruce and people who hate you.
Penn is not a Jew bastard…


Lisa apologizes.
Sally Jessy Raphael Jewish retards.
Adopt a retard.

Pamela Anderson show.
Courtney Love (tastes like crack and cheap hooker)
Tommy Lee is big.
(don’t forget the umlauts)
Nobel prize for Pam.

Chevy Chase show, Jerry Lewis and lies.
Sucking up to Sinatra.
Jerry’s roast.
Nathan Lane hates Jason Alexander.

Outing Jason Alexander
Sandra Bernhard hates Lisa.
God Hates Fags, AIDS and losing weight.
Jenny Craig owes Lisa.

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