Self defense, Melvin Gibstein, and ripping

out tracheas with your bare hands

Monday’s show starts with heavy guitar theme.

New York Times story: Duty to retreat. People not allowed to defend their property. “Stand your ground” bill in 21 states. Penn conflicted.

Melvin Gibstein reaching out to Jewish leaders.

Penn is still on MySpace, 350 friends. Scared to death of the pictures. Penn wants to lust with impunity.

Penn hit by drunk, Christian women after the Big Penn & Teller show.

Goudeau: Nicholas Cage at Lance Burton show. Hugh Jackman is giving away one of Lance’s secrets in movie trailer.

Caller John: Self-defense with swords. Very large, naked hobbit.

Caller Mike: Martial arts.

Penn: How many crimes are really stopped by martial arts? Killing is hard.

Caller Tony: Guns are better.


Bass/piano theme brings us back.

Goudeau is a half-second away from death.

Penn wants dirty pictures on MySpace, but send photocopied proof of age.

Dr. Normal Borlaug may be on the show tomorrow. Otherwise, it will be Monkey Tuesday.

Caller Jerry: Georgia’s liberal gun laws. Repo man shot at. Call cut off.

They just lost all the callers.

Murder almost always includes attempted murder.

Goudeau: Kids (or really bad jugglers) throwing eggs at his car.

Caller Dean: Lots of bulls(clap)hit in martial arts. Don’t fight someone with a gun. Penn didn’t kill that dolphin!

Penn: Things go crazy when you try to kill them.


Full theme brings us back.

Fabulous picture from Steve of Melvin Gibstein.

G-mail: Pro self-defense.

Caller Chuck: Movie martial arts. Penn doesn’t think you can really kill somebody by ripping out their trachea with your bare hands.

Caller H.J.: No duty to retreat in New York.

Caller Sam: Martial arts instructor, black belt. Don’t bring martial arts to a gun fight! 90% of martial arts taught in the U.S. today is utter nonsense.

Penn: Thinking of doing a Bulls(clap)hit episode on martial arts.

Caller John: A lot of martial arts is a little … hokey. Too much grey area in the self defense laws.

Penn: Undertakers monkeying with dead bodies. Why aren’t they on the phone?

Caller Eddie: Choice and consequence.

Penn: Occupational hazard of being a thief.

Caller Jeff: Massage therapist. Impossible to rip out a human trachea. If you shoot someone, pull them all the way into your house.

Dr. Normal Borlaug hopefully will be on tomorrow.

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