Monkey Tuesday, with strippers!

Bass/piano theme starts us off.

Penn loves playing the big bass.

Penn’s MySpace. He put up a song and a few pictures.

Caller Nancy: Has been a stripping gorilla for 23 years. Guys need to be abused by monkeys. They have to pay more to see her face. She’d do her act for Penn’s show if they come to New York.

Penn loves when Monkey Tuesday becomes a Penthouse letter.

Who needs money when Happy Jack has donuts?

Penn: Don’t ever send him a singing telegram. He hates them.


Goudeau has been a gorilla on a moped.

Penn’s friend “Mark St. Helens” doing striptease at Tupperware parties.

Caller Mae: Birthday party for eight-year-old. Dad in bright pink monkey suit terrorizes kids.

Penn remembers Easter bunny trauma.

Goudeau has treasured photos of his kids struggling to get away from Santa.

Penn used to talk like Elmer Fudd.

Caller Fred: Chimps in church library. Priest gave them cigars to calm them down. Penn would join this church!


Monkey theme brings us back, accompanied by Penn’s baritone monkey-screeches.

Penn takes Goudeau for granted. Disrespect = love.

Caller Brian: Beer-drinking Gibbon on a Chinese junk. Monkey rape. Politically incorrect monkeys.

Caller Randy: Future wife’s fingertip bit-off by monkey.

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