Penn Jillette and root canal patient Michael Goudeau are here, ready to go.

Goudeau’s job is hard.

America’s Got Talent (but it hasn’t got sports drinks or ipods on its airplanes)

Penn doen’t know what he thinks about this though he loves beverages.

Mark Chapman mentioned.
Penn’s trip to “America has talent” was not on Regis’s jet.
Sandra Bernhard gets stroppy

Caller Ken: Travel nightmare – a coincidence?
“Bacon and a Kiss” Airlines mentioned

Love for Patrick, drawing a picture and swearing on the bible.
“Penn you’re making too much sense.”

Checking pilots.
Penn remembers 2001.

Caller Jeff. 45 minute flight becomes 3 hour marathon.
Jeff’s liquid girlfriend…
TSA people pouring unknown liquids and the word for “uncatalyst”

More on this and stuff on Mike Wallace after the…


bass and piano (pause version) theme brings us back…
Gmail Natasha: Patriotic girl on girl action (Patrick annoys Penn)

Mike Wallace interviews Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – a letter by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.

Caller Mendy: Bacon and a kiss: The Jewish option. Muhammed Ali?
Caller Mike: Humans are mostly liquid and not that explosive…
Caller Matt: Other callers should be happy to be alive.
Penn: Driving vs flying, why is flying so special?
Five Hour Airline vs Live Free and Die Airline.


Ahmadinejad the baboon – Farsi comedy

Caller Jim: Anyone could charter a 337 for a suicide run or even a large remote craft. Ahmadinejad’s apocalypse.

Sean Penn and Mike Wallace know nothing.

Caller Mike: Radicals of all faiths.
Penn: Convert or die policy seems to be Islamic fundamentalist policy. Penn cuts him off to read:

Gmail Peter: The scientific method explained

Caller Tony: Live Free or Die Airlines discussed.

America has Talent but you can’t prove it!
Goudeau: Have you cashed the cheque yet?
Penn discusses Jon and Owen on AGT.

Four jugglers on the show? Unhappy Jack.

Lift Off to Love – dissing Criss Angel!
Lance/Nathan Burton.

NBC – suck on this!

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