A new week on Penn Radio starts with Jonesy’s theme.
Penn is here with Michael “Fly Hunter” Goudeau.
“He was coming right at me!”
Queer eye for a straight fly.

Fire at the Slammer but Penn won’t talk about the ceasefire.
NASA loses the Apollo 11 tapes.
Goudeau – they’re not lost…
Penn quotes article
Worst thing you lost.

Lost: NASA tapes, $38k, 200+ nude pics, my father’s ashes and Heather McCartney’s leg

Heather McCartney porn is on Penn’s PC
(with both legs)

The Slammer smells great after the fire – Thick smoke through the aircon.
EZ is the coolest.

Penn talks about the lesbian athiest(sp).

Apollo tapes and Bush’s papers

Caller Joe(13): Lost retainers – $250 in debt.
Making your own retainers
EZs teeth are perfect.
NASA taping GGW.

Caller Dana: Neil Armstrong collects autographs!
Louie Anderson too!

Penn gets annoyed and we go to a . . .


Bass/Piano theme (no pause) brings us back.
Penn wants Lesbian Atheist pictures in exchange for Heather McCartney pictures.

Gmail Charles: Losing a Condo.
Gmail: Virginity
Gmail Natasha: 200+ naked pictures of Natasha.

Caller Benny: Wedding gifts lost – $38,000.
Caller Bill/Phil: Non-returning sinking wooden boomerang story.

Caller Elizabeth: $10,000 John Grisham book.
Penn’s “Dancing in the Dark” video tape.
Selling other people’s stuff on Ebay.
Goudeau has a theory.

Caller Jill: Old family videos covered in porn.
(phone auto-censors)

Penn wants pictures!


Bass/Piano theme (pause) brings us back.
Jessica Simpson sings Dan Dan the McRainbowpants Man – Moxie mentioned.
God exists and a house fire.

Caller Mark: Losing his Father’s ashes during a craps game at the MGM.

Lesbian Atheist family has not contacted them yet.
Penn doesn’t want to upset NASA.

Caller Mike (for President): Lost his cellphone in a urinal. Urinal cakes don’t taste like mint.
Penn isn’t all that squeamish.
Penn wants an experiment.
Amazing Johnathon phone incident.
70’s band.

Gmail: Has NASA checked with MTV
Gmail Ken: Retainer story not as good as the wedding story
Gmail Ricardo: Pony parties (not donkey show) – horsenapped. Wants to know where Teller was.
Goudeau had a pony party for his daughter.
Zolten Jillette vs Emily Goudeau.

Monkey Tuesday tomorrow!!

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