Jonesy’s normal theme starts and Penn and Goudeau are here doing a show.

Penn is aware of what day it is.

Bush and the San Diego Cross

Bobcat wants to to pimp his movie.
And it’s tasteful start.

Frozen Woolly Mammoth sperm.
Goudeau wants a fuzzy elephant.
A tiny pink fuzzy elephant.

Spielberg, Crichton, Borlaug mentioned.

Yesterday was Monday – Today is

Monkey Tuesday: Now with Woolly Mammoth Sperm!

(monkey music)
Monkey Tuesday rules laid down.

Caller Harold: Bring the Mammoth back and extinct it again

Million year-old fart

Goudeau: Eating Mammoths (with Dodo).
Native Americans

Caller Terry: Cross-breeding mammoths with monkeys – Penn: Wear gloves

Caller Doyle: Extinct for a reason.
Penn: No such thing.

Patrick is a little late.
Happy Jack not here today (fighting)


monkey/mammoth noises bring us back
Gmail Natasha: Grampa’s mammoth BBQ
Goudeau: Frozen bison mentioned on stupidquestions but not mammoth
Gmail Lauren: bury one to confuse creationists
Gmail Todd Robbins: Carny money with woolly mammoths.

Gmail Will: Business proposition – Mammoth hunting
Penn: Bare-handed animal killing
Caller Dean: Lions in Nebraska.

Caller Shane: Simian ancestors and cavemen.
Goudeau: Bring back Lucy.
Caveman Truman Show

Reuters monkey story – Berlin Monkey News

Caller Nick: Traffic cure


Mammoth monkey noises.
Dolphins too.

Caller Ron: Nighttime monkey condom capers.
Bill Gates will be happy

Caller Bill: 35 years ago – monkey suit from Hair + Harley = Biker Monkey.
Sneaking into places in a monkey suit.

Radical Muslim Monkeymen do not exist.
The price of a monkey suit.

Roy Gerela’s Gorilla.
Goudeau and the bee.

The price of fame (Debbie Harry)
Tom Cruise and Melvin Gibstein are too famous.

Eddie Gordetsky – sex-chicken

Naked (like the Marx Bothers) is best!

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