Mike Jones’s Theme (bass/piano) brings us into the show
Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau are here where Penn is perplexed.

Penn’s MySpace has gone bug-nutty.

Drunken driving.

DARE program gave Penn donuts but didn’t work.

Three stooges supreme court.

Domestic violence billboards.

Penn’s thoughts on crime.

JonBenet discussed. Life ruining pain.

Drugs programs don’t work (nor does singing “sugar sugar”)

Caller Chris: Loves the DARE program.
Goudeau quotes some reports about the failures of DARE.
Is DARE even the governments job?

Caller Dave: Thanks to Mike for hanging up on me!
Goudeau’s juggling skills are manual not digital.
Dave’s son has questions.
Penn’s schooldays and his feelings about drink/drugs.
Crack vs grapes.


Complimentary Gmail Jessica: Ramsey scapegoats.
Columbo villans.
Caller Johnny: Archie, Jugghead and drugs.
1968 remembered. Sugar sugar.
Why not Spongebob?
Penn 50 cent believability.
Goudeau: Affordability.

Caller Rob: 1992 DARE program and the fun of drugs.
Gmail: DARE turned me to drugs.
Gmail Derek: Archie update
Gmail Carol: Chicago is my kinda town…
Happy Jack is cool about the Chicago “problem”

Caller Paul: “Cool” parents in bell bottoms turning you off drugs.
Keith Richards – “time is on my side” Yeah, right!
Caller Lynsey: DARE is too early, you’re too young.
Penn generalizes.


$11m to stop our juggler’s singing “Sugar Sugar”!
Penn has met Ron Dante.
Goudeau thought “You are my Candy girl” was “You are my kin girl”
Penn “You sick bastard! You sick bastard!

Gmail/Caller Bill: DARE program cop search (with a pocket full of grass).
Penn is happy Bill forced them to take his call.

Caller Bob: Anti-drugs meth pictures.
Penn Keith Richards is no deterrent – Teenagers love self-destruction.
Not respecting adults at school.

Caller Shelby: Penn likes the name Shelby
Different Shelby than the one who writes “Dear sexy Mike, Dear sexy Penn”
Shelby’s siren.
Didn’t do DARE didn’t do drugs. Other kids did both.
Penn’s schooldays.

SADD mentioned. Penn makes a good point.
Penn says Shelby
Goudeau sends gmails to Penn
Penn wraps up with a gmail about drugs and lying.

Drew Carey tomorrow…

<show ends>

Michael Goudeau’s juggling skills

are manual not digital

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