Jonesy’s theme
Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau are here.
Penn lists the Aristocrats and introduces:

Special Guest: Drew Carey

Drew never even told the joke!
Drew told Robin Williams their joke.
JonBenet discussed, compared to OJ

Drew lectures America – Celebs must have an answer!
(snakes on a plane)

Aristocrats premier interview: “It’s not about the emmys”.

Drew’s recently got into Soccer and sports photography.
Oh, and some stand up.
The Luxor.
Nice Goudeau quip.
Luxor, banging your head and writing comedy.

Penn asks a personal question.

Drew is as hardcore as Penn!
Smoking: “I’m a believer in freedom brother!”
The drug war is insane.
Making bad people rich.

McDonalds at war.
Legalise everything!
The antibiotics issue.
The good old days of dope and Coca Cola.
Alcohol vs crystal meth.

Bulls.hit, AA and the FCC.
Penn wants to argue.
Drew and Penn discuss “the rules”

Janet Jackson – The free market at work.
Drew talks about freedom.


Drew Carey is hosting at the Luxor!
Drew: You can’t edit art.
Penn: You can if you own it.

Drew used to be pentecostal
Penn acts neutral.

Drew(aged 13) is saved!

But Drew can’t help but…
Ah, Drew can’t say the ‘M’ word on Free FM. (clue – self pleasure)
Penn: Europe vs Religious nuts.
Sin hot line.
Tell it slow.

Backsliding and National Lampoon (when it was cool)
Photo funnies with great breasts!

Drew: Hell is not real – it’s from Dante.
Satan is a mythology.
Penn: So is the bible.
Drew thinks there’s an energy.
Penn: God?
They discuss it during the…


Penn, Drew and Michael are here.
Goudeau is trying to talk!
Drew: get the chairman of the FCC on this show.

Penn doesn’t understand the FCC
Drew and Penn and the FCC
Bill Gates and a billion dollar president.

Doug Stanhope going into politics.
Cato makes you less popular
P J O’Rourke and Paris Hilton

Drew for president!

Getting your news from a guy at a porno convention.
Drew answers back.

“Strip-club-loving Drew Carey”

Penn: “You would pick Drew Carey”
Penn wants to know why there are so many bastards in celebrity land.
Drew: Everyone hates hypocrisy!
Penn likes some hypocrisy.

Goudeau throws in a Melvin Gibstein reference.

Drew put his foot in it

Muslim improv story.
Slamming Paris every night.
Having sex with Paris Hilton.

Drew gets Penn to defend Paris Hilton!!

Wonderful show guys!

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