Mike Jones’s Theme

Penn and Goudeau (keeping the whole world together)
Today is the day that the world is supposed to end.
Goudeau’s passport and getting into debt.

Monkey Tuesday: Firefighters, Monkey Noises & Smoking

Caller phones early.
Patrick jumping the gun.
Penn’s MySpace friends now number over 800
I’m mentioned again

Penn states the Monkey Tuesday Rules.

Premature caller James: Yesterday my Firefighter friend in Virginia… “Save my baby”
Outbreak (rhesus) monkey (RIP)

“There’s nothing funnier than a smoking monkey”

Kathy Griffin’s brother’s two monkey stories.

Ursula Martinezvideo
Vanishing hankie explained.

Caller Christine: Was on the internet last night – monkey namegenerator

Caller Flavia: Monkey noises (Penn is very excited)
Penn asks a question or two.
Monkey noises to monkey tuesday music

One more time as we go into the


Penn tries to imitate Flavia.
Penn’s Grandparents.
New rules for Goudeau.

Smoking Animal Story – Tom & Jerry blasted by OFCOM
“Texas Tom”
“Tennis Chumps”

Caller Glen: Names you call your daughter – “Moxie Tuesday”

Caller Dean: Uncle Tom & Jerry – racism in old movies. Integrity of teh stooges.

Caller Adam (Penn can’t see): Tom & Jerry – Jerry ain’t German!

Caller Blaire: Showbiz monkey story.
Flavia mentioned.
Hiring a monkey.
Penn wants it telling slow…

How to make the monkey scream into the microphone

Penn wants an mp3
What he gets is a…


Penn screeeeches us back in.
Flintstones – advert

Gmail Leo – corrections
CBC news – monkey walks upright

Caller Jos?: Smoking monkey story.
Caller Paul: Circus monkey story – sick monkey attack.
Firefighters (again).

The guys discuss the previous story.
Goudeau is accused of being anti-monkey.

Petmonkey.info Penn says .com by mistake

MySpace is mentioned – So is Wikipedia

and that’s the end of another monkey Tuesday

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