Mike Jones’s theme Starts the show.
Penn Jillette with Michael Goudeau

Tom Cruise splits with Paramount
South Park and MI3

Michael Jackson
Melvin Gibstein

Who is the longest serving Crazy Celebrity?

Penn thinks maybe Sun Ra, but definitely Little Richard.
Penn invites users to name someone wilder than Little Richard.
Hollywood Squares editing.

Caller Mike: Robin Williams – Jonathan Winters. Mike’s cellphone!

Snakes in a studio.

Caller : Penn!

Dennis Hopper
Blue Velvet
Crispin Glover – not famous enough
Jerry Lee Lewis (or Jerry Lewis)
Woody Allen
Jerry Lee Lewis shot at Elvis
Shirley MacLaine endorsed by Dean Martin

Penn is annoyed by a cord (or a snake)

Caller Chris: James Brown – Liza Minnelli (her first film aged 3)
Penn mentions David Allen Coe

Penn wants everyone to stay on the line while we take a…


Penn “Little Richard” Jillette mentions Kathy Griffin’s Brother

Sunmer Redstone sacking Tom Cruise

Caller Will: John Denver was a sniper (Sorry Will, Snopes says “no”)
Caller Dean: (Regular caller, not Dino) Relative of Joe DiMaggio. Joe DiMaggio was stalked by Tom Cruise. (Goudeau confirms)
Dean’s friend will send in naked pictures of herself for Penn.

James Brown and Little Richard – Penn does a round-up
Warren Beatty is not phoning in to defend his sister
Caller Nancy: gary busey and tom sizemore (who was in P&TGK; and punches other guys, esp. Penn)
Mel Gibbon on Monkey Tuesday?

Penn as Tiny Tim in a bio-pic.
Penn recommends a youtube clip.


Penn thanks Dean.

Bob: Jacksons Baldwins Garlands Osmonds (Penn: Griffing, Arquettes)
Tad prediction.
Mary Todd Lincoln

Caller Shelby: Michael Jackson must be top of the list!
Penn: Phil Spector
Robert Blake!!!
William Shatner!!
James Spader’s take on Bill Shatner

Little Rascals rant.
Caller Gary: Ted Nugent, Howard Hughes (Paris Hilton in a man’s body) and Mickey Rourke (like Walken)

Caller Dave: Mia and Woody,

Penn: Mia is crazy in a sexy way.

Steve Martin and Drew Carey are not crazy.

Penn sums up …
Recaps why Tom Cruise isn’t doing well.

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