Ladies’ choice: Plan B or Survivor


Show starts with full band theme, and confusion.

Penn plugs ‘special’ webpage.

Plan B available without prescription. Greatest name in the world.

Bartering for drugs.

‘Morning after’ drugs and statutory rape.

Caller Mike: Hung up.

Caller Ian: Girlfriend already got Plan B without prescription.

Happy Jack didn’t want this topic. Nobody disagrees.

Breaking things down by sex/race/religion.

Goudeau watches Survivor to look at real estate.

Bullshit! lost Emmy for ‘reality show’.

Goudeau: Everything’s gone horrible. Lost all calls.

Penn wanted to do a ‘barter night’ for Off Broadway show. Distribute tickets with everybody who works for show, and …

Penn cut off mid-sentence by commercials!

Show comes back for two seconds. Penn on phone: “Never better boss …”

More commercials!

<break>?? (Show playing over ads – can’t hear it well enough to make out)

Ad ends. Penn on phone talking with man about Survivor. Penn wants to see them naked, running around in the woods with a knife.


Happy Jack is very happy. They got only two calls on Plan B.

Some pharmacists refusing to give out morning after pills on moral grounds. Penn in favor of it if they own the store.

Caller Gary: Separation on Survivor is only for a few days.

Caller Eric: Reality shows have writers.

Penn: P&T; on Who Wants to Marry My Dad reality show. He was surprised they they filmed multiple takes. Scripted and directed as it went. Matt Stanek, their light man, did a reality dating show. They told Penn not to acknowledge the camera.

Penn: They should call it goddamned television.

Michael Johnson/Danny Salamander.

Caller Nick: Game shows are called reality shows.

Caller Ty: Pharmacist should go with medical definition of pregnancy, which makes Plan B pill morally okay. Penn agrees, but says it should still be legal for bad pharmacists to refuse to sell it.

Caller: John: Said something about gay sex and hung up.

Caller Michael: Pharmacists have government licenses, thus should sell all legal drugs. Penn says that’s a really good point. Kicks the ass of the point Penn was making, therefore it’s time for a …


G-mail: Laughs at argument that morning after pill makes people more promiscuous. We already have condoms.

Caller Michelle: Police officer, rape survivor. Can’t imagine not having the morning after pill option. However, government limiting freedom of choice is still wrong.

Penn is amazed when anyone says that a rape victim should be forced to have a baby.

Police officers have to enforce laws they may not agree with morally. She would quit rather than break her oath.

Penn wants Michelle for president.

G-mail: Plans A-Z.

Caller David: Supports pharmacist’s right to choose. Penn says this was his point of view before he was bitch-slapped.

Runs out of time, has to cut call short.

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