Friday’s (thank Xenu!) show starts with Jonesy’s fast theme

Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau are here. They’ve hired a new web guy.

The site from yesterday – you can click on them.
Beeping a Catholic term.

Ask Layperson Penn: Dating Advice and More!

Kinky was at the show last night – he may be governor.

Caller Mike(for president): The Sales Rep and the Receptionist.
Penn asks a blunt question, then asks for her number.

Patrick is absolutely right.
Penn does a Jim Cramer impression

Caller James: Asian girlfriend – home cooking.
Penn: Take your own inventory – make sure you’re in the right league.
Finding a stupid white girl or a fake boyfriend.
Dating for world peace.
Pretending EZ is Jewish.

Caller Joe: Gaming convention question – German board games discussed. Staying on the fringe is bad. Penn gives advice.


Caller John: A challenging question. New York Yankees advice (with help from Goudeau).

Caller Sal: A 20 year-old New Jersey actor seeks advice.

Caller Dave: (An off-topic note – Buzz Lightyear commercial) Movies to watch. Dawn of the Dead (original), Apocalypse Now, Last Tango in Paris, Real Life

Caller: A time for domestic violence…
Tape is from the past, back when Pluto was a planet.

Caller Tim(not Kim): Dating a girl too far away.
Penn suggests he may want to take a…


Shout out to Apple – the coco guys

Gmail Amy: Spectacles advice – Penn states his choice.

Caller Genna: Books? – Mezzanine, Atlas Shrugged, Moby Dick.
Penn gets creeped ut by adults reading kids books.
Doctor Baby.

Caller Kim: How many is too many children?
Kim likes Penn’s answer.
Goudeau’s answer.
Penn gives Kim’s husband ammunition.

Caller Brian: Frank Zappa – Miles Davis issue.

Caller Mike: (Prof. Penn) Pluto no longer a planet?
Arturo planet.

Mnemonics changed

Caller Tom: Tricky question – Penn sails through it

Gmail: Kinky lifestyle. Honesty with the kids. Penn wants pictures…

Remember – Penn doesn’t know what he’s talking about…

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