Mike Jones’s Monkey Theme brings us into the show.

Penn Jillette is screeching here with Michael Goudeau

Goudeau is wearing a poker monkey t-shirt.
Penn’s myspace was sent a video of that monkey.

Monkey Tuesday: Hulk Hogan, Nasty Squirrel Monkeys and Big Pink Gay Apes

Monkey Tuesday rules laid down.

Caller Bo: Winning a monkey at the fair!
Penn wants to peak to Todd
Bo won a mean monkey.
Bonding with Quasimodo-frederick-king-kong-gibbon.
Doping the monkey.
If you love someone.
Destroying your view of mankind.

Todd on the line. or not.
Bo’s finger.
Todd back on the line – Animal give-aways.
Homing monkeys.
Giving away the same damn monkey…

Todd gets dropped
Paris Hilton bitten by her kinkajou.
Todd back: Todd pimps his show
Todd’s practical joke story.
Penn has an idea.
Todd’s driving chimp story.
Penn has another idea.
Arriving at the emmys/curing AIDS
Richard Feynman would have done it.

Todd may come out to LV.
Penn will have him on the show…


Penn in key/rhythm
Caller Dan: (Goudeau picked this call) Playmate of the Apes. Dan was the hot pink gay ape. Dan gives us the plot.
Dan is straight and happily married (got the job through his stand-up act)

Dan’s new movie is Kinky Kong – he has the title role.
Goudeau “Who’s your agent?”
Dan looks but doesn’t touch.
C3PO soundalike.
Goudeau goes through Dan’s resum?
Strictly softcore.
Penn is curious.
Penn isn’t listening.

Witchbabe story – Penn is happy again.


Penn is in key.
Penn on “sexy”

Caller Simon: Squirrel monkeys = hippy rent.
Given to zoo.
Nine months to get rid of the smell.
Goudeau: $3,000 per squirrel monkey.

Caller JD: Monkey proposition. Dog/snake/rooster/monkey punishment.
Hogan knows best – monkey.
JD wants Penn to recreate the monkey bag.
Penn recaps.
Goudeau makes a list:
Rock python, howler monkey, happy german shepherd and a fancy (exploding) chicken…

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