Jonesy’s Theme leads us into Wednesday’s show.
Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau are here.
Penn lists the Aristocrats that have been on the show.

Special Guest: Howie Mandell
(ab)using the c-word

The new season of Deal or No Deal.

An hour with Howie Mandell.
Brando’s $1m challenge.

Pitching the show. Howie Mandell and a load of money.

Berlusconi and Pupo – “Take the lira!!”
A $5 win.
Hollywood Squares – celebrities you hate.

Monte hall problem

A chance of $1m or definite $250,000.
FBI & Armed guards.
Maxim models falling down.

Who wants to be a millionaire vs hosts salary.

$6,000,000 then back to the pitch…

Howie watches Pupo with his wife.
Danish guy in the basement.

Howie goes to South America.


The online game.
“Forcing” choices.

Torturing people with money.
A game, not a job.

Sammy’s stories.

Howie and Penn don’t like to be touched.
OCD and Howie in the toilet.
Howie and the fist.

Jay Leno meet and greet.

Peter Pitofsky no-licking clause.
Arsenio Hall.
Goudeau is Peter’s keeper.
Penn didn’t cower.

Licking discussed.


Goudeau isn’t addicted.
The disappointment of winning $25k

Surprises in the show.
Can’t see the sister for the models.
It’s your child!
Penn’s visual recognition problem.
Penn’s Mom.

Why I picked this case…
What Would Jesus Pick?
Losing your religion and more.

God or No God.

Christ can play all the gameshows.

Psychic contestant.

September 18th – Deal or No Deal

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