Penn kicked off of Minnesota Public


Show opens with full orchestra theme.

Penn in Minnesota, Goudeau is in Vegas.

In Minnesota, you can be outside for half an hour without passing out!

Penn got his ass thrown off public radio.

Penn’s play Love Tapes, written with Stephen Banks, opening in Minnesota.

Penn: If you’re not willing to be humiliated and pathetic, you don’t deserve to be in love!

Penn makes fun of MPR audience. Says “goddamned” and got cut off.

Penn gets “flashed” by female MPR host.

Penn & Teller tape of dental floss trick made just for their friends. Part of description dumped!

Hibbing, Minnesota: “Home of the Largest Open Ore Mine in the World … and home of Bob Dylan”.

Minnesota state fair. Has real sideshow.

No call-in topic today.

Penn hates Garrison Keillor.

Tomorrow: Bob freaking Saget live from LA!

Penn wearing a big, pink cowboy hat in vain.

Caller Mike: Huge fan of Howie Mandel. Why did he shave his head? Informs Penn that dental floss story got dumped off FreeFM.

Penn re-explains dental floss trick.


G-mail Amy: Anti-pledge-drive for NPR.

Penn’s “This I Believe” piece on NPR read by host. Penn felt like Lenny Bruce on trial.

Penn is very much in love with very large vegetables.

120 pound butter sculptures of Minnesota queens. Goudeau: “What?!”

Sock Monkey dress.

“Don’t give any money to NPR!”

Penn’s pink hat and angry Jesus.

Jams and jellies behind glass. Penn was so, so, terribly sad.

Poor Norman Borlaug’s spokesman is Penn. His press person sends Penn and Goudeau homemade jelly.

Penn wants giant melons.

Bonsai kittens.

Caller Matt: State fair milk bar. All the milk you can drink for fifty cents. Penn says it’s now one dollar.

Kids lining up to milk a cow.

Don’t give money to NPR.


Penn on Bill Maher tomorrow. Penn reviews questions.

What should Penn say?

Caller Matt: Bush is just a moron.

Penn: Is debating other countries one of the president’s jobs?

Caller Carl: Ask Maher to spell president of Irac’s name.

Caller Emily Jillette: Haven’t left yet. Having food-on-a-stick craving.

Caller Chris: Why should we care about debate between two religious fanatics? Being the nut is Penn’s job.

Caller Aaron: Eye for an eye. Penn: Christians today are buffet Christians.

Caller Timothy: Debate president of Irac with a shotgun.

Penn defends Conan doing plane crash sketch on Emmy awards.

More Maher questions.

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