Patriotic Monkey Tuesday

We start with the NEW Patriotic Monkey Tuesday music (not on the site yet).
It will be 11 years until the Patriotic Monkey Tuesday themes can be played again…

Mike Jones’s Patriotic Monkey Music played!

Caller Derek: Medium-sized monkey vs firework -bully story.

Ren?e Gmail about Tarzan (the monkey who helped to start Monkey Tuesday) and sunblock. Penn and Monkey-puke

Gmail a Canadian called Ken: (O Canada! monkey music) Dressing a chimp as Uncle Sam. Another firework story!

Gmail: Jocko Flocko retired NASCARRhesus Monkey!!

Everyone’s a NASCAR driver on 4th July.

Was that story sent in by Captain Mike or is it this next one?

Gmail: Baboons stealing “world cup England flags” in Merseyside.
Penn has a dig at the English.


Monkey Battle Hymn brings us back…

Wikipedia entry mentioned – read along with Penn, folks!

This is beyond great – the best day in Penn’s life.

Goudeau asks about fireworks tonight – Penn will take the kids somewhere (Where? It’s Vegas baby!) but Goudeau’s son dosn’t like the noise.

Caller Steve: Billion dollar movie pitch. Multiple Oscar sure fire hit described. “I have no artistic integrity”

Goudeau’s theory on Disney movies.

(the callers seem cued and ready to go – Either the phones are performing perfectly or maybe this show is recorded)


We drop back in halfway through a sentence

Gmail: vervets are patriotic monkeys!

Caller Greg: Patriotic Monkeys vs Japanese snipers (this will be in Steve’s movie).

All monkey show?

Don’t laugh at animals!

PETA and the last generation of poodles.

Gmail Ed: Submarine monkey!

Things Penn wants to believe.

Patrick plays more monkey music – evil monkey gene

Viral monkey theme – please can other bands slip this into their performances?

Happy news about Xiku (not Xenu) sent in by their favorite listener!

Jonesy’s long Patriotic Monkey Music plays us out…


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