Presidents and Pot

Penn says legalize it but don’t tax it.
Arresting people destroys people’s lives…

Caller (a younger stoner): Cheeva! Doesn’t like the word ‘Dope’. Too many bad synonyms…(Goudeau on form)

Caller Nathan: Med Student – legalization vs medical legalization.
Penn: Is the best way to take a medicine to smoke it?
When you get older you should be allowed to use anything to ease your pain…

Gmail Mark: Sess (from Session).
Penn: 420

Caller Aaron: Getting busted for possession destroyed my life.

Caller Mike: (Guy with Penn tattoo on his back talking on a bad line) Gateway drugs and supply. “Chronic” discussed.

Caller Jenny: Use it to calm down kids – keep it medical but otherwise illegal.

Goudeau: Medical alcohol?


Penn and Goudeau are back.
Apology to Patrick.
Bulls.hit up for three Emmys
Porn awards.

Synonym City!

Gmail Penn’s friend Brian: Medical marijuana – dosage?
Carl Sagen smoked.
Gmail EZ: (Penn skips her email – brave guy)

Caller Colin: My friend’s medical marijuana (line breaks up)

Caller Jason: Another point of view.
Caller Chris: Alcohol vs pot.

Gmail EZ: Gateway drugs.
Caller: War on drugs!


Plug for Jonesy.

Caller Pat: 420 Bob Dylan theory.
Jazz cigarette.

Gmail EZ: Free market thoughts.

Caller Jon: Giving bad people power.
Goudeau: MacDonalds doesn’t indulge in a clown fight.

Caller Andy: No legitimate numbers supporting the “gateway drug” theory. It would be more likely to link alcohol to this (we lose Andy)

Caller Pete: First time caller. Marijuana’s been fantastic for me! Our pothead expert wouldn’t want it legal as it wouldn’t be cool anymore.

Bad highschool students put Penn off drugs.

Caller JB: Alcohol is a harder drug than marijuana. Driving drugged feels like driving sober (to this caller – don’t try it at home folks!).
Penn states marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Goudeau says Snopes confirms that 420 is the highschool story.

Caller Sterling: Prison facts!

Penn the blue-nosed gopher, signs off..

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