Gay Marriage

Penn proposes to Goudeau (I want to be a bridesmaid)

Penn is (get ready for the nut point of view) against straight marriage.

Goudeau’s headphones and why Penn and EZ got married.

Penn goes through the “reasons” against gay marriage.

Goudeau “I’ve never even dated outside my species”

Willy Nelson mentioned.

Penn puts the spotlight on Goudeau, showing why Penn is the saner one: Goudeau is riding the Tour de France on a stationary bike… 17 days to go

Caller Chris: Doesn’t understand why this is so different – Aren’t we free? Supreme Court needs a blonde.

Caller Dave: Goudeau hung up on me! Good gay marriages make straight people look bad.

Goudeau’s marriage x2.

Caller: 19 year-old with a gay uncle. Marching towards freedom.
Penn: Marriage was to make women into property.

Penn’s friend(PP): Quickie marriage story

Carmen and Britney

Goudeau’s wedding.
Moms always cry.

Penn’s wedding.
Elvis pouting.
Here’s the page with the rm link of Penn and EZ tying the knot. (enjoy!)


We’re “livin’ stupid”
The Bill of Wrongs

Gmail Nick: Roomate point.

Caller Arie: Against gay marriage for religious reasons but doesn’t think the government should stop it. I think. Penn puts words in his mouth. Caller not sure if it’s morally wrong.

“Mason rule” mentioned.

Caller Tom: Two quick points – “Sacred” and “Suffering kids”
Penn laughs and makes fun of Goudeau
“Sacred” in court is offensive for both christians and atheists.

Caller Brent: Bad line but this atheist wants to talk about gay friends (“You’ll never guess what I am!”) and forbidden marriage.

Penn, the mixing of races and the end of racism.

Flowers from Penn.


Penn F. Jillette and the cyclist Goudeau return talking about the New York ruling against Gay Marriage

No women callers.

Gmail Brian: Concerning rights.

Gmail Shelby: Marriage and MMORPGs

Bulls.hit mentioned (Emmy nominated – maybe they’ll win this time)

Caller Chris: My gay friend stole my girlfriend “I don’t like him”

Caller Matt: New Jersey point of view

Goudeau: Gays and older brothers.

Caller Joe: Has four older brothers and is not gay!
Nothing against gays but they should not marry!
Penn tries to figure what Joe’s actually saying.
Basically he thinks that this is the thin edge of the wedge to weird weddings (nice examples)
Joe can tell who was brought up in which family.
Psychic Joe? Not quite.
Joe clutched “the nut point of view” from Penn.

Caller Connie: Gay marriage is not going to destroy anything.
Penn agrees with this caller who’s summing up the show nicely…

And that’s it – back on Monday…

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