No Monkey Music!

Penn and the famous “secret Tour de France star”, Michael Goudeau are here, ready to go.

NOW we get the Monkey Music

It’s MonkeyTuesday (International Edition)
(well, okay – “Bad English Accent” Edition)

Penn goes over the meaning of Monkey Tuesday.

Penn states his qualifications and advises how to formulate your stories.

But first:
Stupid name news

Caller Stan: Planet of the Apes – A wise ape. Great childhood – Gene Wilder story (Penn accidentally cuts him off)

International Caller Berenice (A Brit): Dick van Dyke, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder – Hartlepool Monkey Stuff.

12 Angry Men in the UK – bad American accents

Hugh Laurie is not American
Goudeau hearing fake English in France

Check you calendars…


Screeching back into the show.
Halloween Monkey Tuesday (in New York) announced! (Jonesy – get writing that spooky monkey music…)

Penn’s scary monkey rant

Goudeau: Monkey Monroe?

Sneeze guard should be a job.

Penn wants a competition for carving “Monk-o-Lanterns”

Capacity vs No. of people showing up in New York.

Election day will be a Monkey Tuesday.


More chattering over the Monkey Music.
Penn has calmed down.
Alan Alda, King Kong, Jane Goodall & Mickey Dolenz. Reforming (sort of) the Monkees

Gmail Ken: Corrects Penn.
What did Newfoundland used to be?
Caller Berenice discussed.
Caller John: Why not Baltimore?
Penn and Halloween.
Caller Paul: Why not do the show at a zoo? Will carve a pumpkin. Tries a British accent.

Caller Justin (from Baltimore): Florida Monkey story (skirting bestiality), he fed it eggs and got bitten. (Patrick is asleep)

IF they can get permission – there will be a Halloween Monkey Tuesday – maybe Penn will dress in a monkey suit, try to climb the Empire State Building (a bit) while people throw paper airplanes at him.

Goudeau has dressed as a monkey on many occasions and even was an underwater monkey for Penn…

Monkey Tuesday will return…

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