Our host is here with “King of the Mountains”, Michael Goudeau.

From Monkey Tuesday to Root Canals and painkillers.

Stuff we know nothing about: Gitmo

“US policy on Geneva convention” vs “Bush’s way or the Highway”

Shades of gray?
Penn disagrees. War is the last resort.

Dinner story with “Guidance Guy”
Rules of war?
Goudeau: They follow the Geneva convention until they’re losing.
Goudeau can say gitmo as long as he never gets the monkey music.

Things Penn doesn’t understand.

Caller Dalia: War should be more fun and she discusses mutually assured destruction with Penn. Playing checkers.
Caller Jennifer: Medic story – saving a guy you shot… Penn is astonished. How to fight Mike Tyson.

Goudeau: Teasing the guy you’re saving.
Bobcat and the art of war.


Summary of where they are (over their heads).
New York Times Story thrown into the mix…

Bomb-a-llama Wednesday!!

?I am out in the middle of nowhere,? said Mr. Lehman, whose business in Berne, Ind., has five employees and grows and distributes popcorn. ?We are nothing but a bunch of Amish buggies and tractors out here. No one would care.?

But on second thought, he came up with an explanation: ?Maybe because popcorn explodes??

Gmail Ken: If you’re winning big you don’t have to uphold the Geneva Convention.

Caller David: Takes Penn to school on Terrorists and the Geneva Convention.

Penn’s Friend: Death vs Humiliation
Gmail Peter: Most people there are innocent and were turned in for $25k each

Caller Daniel: Childishness, changing the rules and fear.

Penn repeats that they don’t know what they’re talking about…


Gmail: Naked body stacking was at Abu Ghraib
Burning holy books. Masonic Ring argument used.
Dogs freak out Penn.

Gmail Damon: (from Beaver Dam) Geneva Convention For Dummies

Caller Jon: Can’t apply the Geneva Convention selectively. Lack of transparency is damning

Goudeau: We’re the good guys. WWSD?
Public opinion vs things you would do in front of your Mom.

Caller Andy: Why Gitmo is right. Penn – You mean two wrongs make a right? Andy disagrees – we’re still being better than them.

Caller Shane: Placating the folks back home. (Penn can’t handle the truth). Pushing the envelope in Gitmo

Caller Paul: Geneva Convention is out of date.

The theme tune cuts in and we have to end the show

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