The Future of Body Modification

Story summarized.
You don’t want 1.0 of anything!

Penn wants callers – thinks this will be cool in the future.

Penn thinks the tv remote control is too much work

Guy at MIT
Zolten is the biggest kid in the world!
Beta testing before you’re 12.
Goudeau’s six hour day.
Jason hates Goudeau.

Caller Ryan: Crazy chip in the brain: Bad news unless it’s for medical purposes.
Penn loves technology.
Penn’s big fiendish plan.
Penn doesn’t read all the way to the end…
Penn changes Ryan’s eyesight.
Goudeau: That’s been done.

Tiger Woodseyes.

Enigma , coral horns and Dick Smothers.

Caller Paul: Canadian medical chips for people.
“This shmuck has high blood pressure!”
Who will access your information?
Payment by neck.


Jonesy plugged.

Goudeau riding the ‘de’. 6.06.00.
Lance rolling his eyes.

We’re all for playing god.

Caller David: Would love to use it for playing video games.

Dancing faries can be very very frightening.
WOW mentioned.

Caller Charlie: Has had his eyes fixed.
Goudeau: laser eye sugery is crazy safe…
Goudeau’s had it done – he went to the cheapest guy. “Studio is not the proper word.”

Penn’s eyes.
Goudeau’s glasses.

Caller Russ: Not talking about dropping acid and closing his eyes, wants a computer and screen in his head.


Fast theme brings us back from the break.
“The big one in Penn & Teller.”

The speed of technology.

Commander Pike with a yes/no beep.

Caller Wile E Coyote: Library of Congress in your brain.


Caller Kerry: Governments and perpetual motion.

Caller Mike: Mexican chips.
Penn: What part of the body?
Could it be cut out?

Reno story.

Caller Anthony: Visualization chip. Hangs up.

Caller CJ: Downloading skills.

Emo Philips brain quote.

Caller Andrea: Florida implants – Penn skeptical.

Goudeau confirms (for sexual favours)

Caller Vaughn: Reality catching up with Science Fiction. Asks for juggling advice – Penn points him to Jason.

Gmail: Congress in your brain would probably kill you.
Gmail George: Excellent BM email

Good Luck Michael for 6 hours of cycling…

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