Penn Jillette is here, clicking away with Michael TdFGoudeau
Penn is famous!

Happy Jack doesn’t like to deviate.

WWIII is starting – Newt Gingrich said so!
Gilbert’s wife mentioned, compared to Einstein and Dawkins.

Goudeau’s cycling mentioned, he’s losing weight for Jesus.

Porky and The Fatwa

Tour de France update.
Monkey-screech-phonecall guy mentioned.

There are many nut points of view.
Arizona votinglottery.

“Who wants to be a millionaire? Vote!”

Penn wants fewer people to vote.
Whenever MTV tells you to do anything – don’t do it.
Why you shouldn’t vote.
Why you should vote for Kinky.

Caller Carly: Aptitude tests for voters. Penn agrees “spiritually” but otherwise disagrees.

Harry Browne quote.
10th Amendment
Penn likes the poll tax.
Goudeau is afraid…
Poll tax would make the lottery a good idea
Gmail Nick: Vote against incumbent!

Caller Pat: People should be informed. If people don’t vote, the incumbent would probably stay in office.
Penn: More parties and bass fishing.


Porky and The Fatwa return…
Elvis didn’t do no drugs

50c (not the rapper) to vote.
Australian aardvark vote.
Caller Dan: Poll tax – creation, uses and literacy tests.

Caller Jim: Vote Libertarian. Penn always does.

Caller Joseph (Goudeau’s choice): Campaign finance reform and the 17th Amendment.
Penn: money knows best.

Penn has to cut the guy off and feels bad about it all through the…


New York demotion.
Porky and The Fatwa return.
Goudeau is two-thirds of the way through the TdF

Gmail Shelby: Selling the vote and failing to vote Kerry
Gmail David: Nut POV and the stupid vote.
Caller Andrew: s m th ng wr ng w th th s c ll
Caller Brian (the right one): Disagrees with Penn’s views on finance reform.
Penn: What if I were pushing my opinion on my show vs a richer, less famous person?
Penn: 100,000 people running for president?
Brian wants Penn to use his show to overthrow the government.
Penn: Brian, that’s what I’m doing!

Caller Brian (the less smart one): Competing with the Crips and the Bloods. Brain thinks Penn should help to spread the wealth.

Things you shouldn’t turn over.

Caller Nick: Rebate for voting. Penn: Poll Tax?

Caller Mike: Presidential postcard. Penn likes the idea, but where’s the money?
15c * 200,000,000 = a lot.
Vote for Mike(33) in 2012!

Porky and The Fatwa will return on

Monkey Tuesday

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