Our humid host and the “secretTour de France star”, Michael Goudeau are here (though yesterday was a day off up in the mountains)…

NOW we get the Monkey Music
EZ made Monkey Tuesday Mugs (But she can’t use Penn’s name) for the team.

FCC and dung (and sex).
“Pops, they’re so much like us” mentioned again.

Gmails that we may hear today: Tea monkeys and Mickey Dolenz .

Halloween Monkey Tuesday mentioned. CBS juggling for IBM.

Monkey Tuesday and the Stem Cell Veto

Penn agrees with the veto but for completely opposite reasons.
Call in with your stem cell stories!

Jonesy’s joke

Caller Scooter (a very good name): JR Bob Dobbs.
Goudeau: Scooter is a good name for a monkey.
The SF zoo is the GITMO of the monkey world.
Chimp act ending in a gift for the audience.

Caller Rick: A Texan zoo story – escaped Gorilla shot.
Caller – Military monkey tale.

Caller Matt: Baby stem cell question. Statistics from the blood journal.


A screaching Penn brings us back to Monkey Tuesday
Flattered by research.
Ron Gomez and Auckland Tea Monkeys
Tea = water with colour in it.
Gmail Joan: Stem cells: The orthodox Jewish view.

Caller Andrew: His wife’s half monkey (Goudeau: Which half?). Lancelot Link discussed in-depth!
Penn’s Lancelot Link vs the sound man story.
“He’s marked you”!
Did Lancelot play bass in the Evolution Revolution?


Penn is spelt with two ‘n’s
Goudeau is still losing weight…
He’s eating while he rides.

Ron Gomez confirms Andrew’s facts.
Patrick has found Lancelot on myspace.

Caller Saj: Libertarianism vs Goverment research.
Penn has a minor (trillion dollar) disagreement.
Knowing your view is so extreme – you don’t have to worry about it.
Penn won’t argue with smart people.
Goudeau’s Burt Rutan argument.

Happy Jack makes a gesture.

Gmail Sharon: Canadian juggler story

Penn juggled on a unicycle for 23 miles.

No American love/friendship tales yet.

Caller Paul: Bronx zoo (pharmacy) story.

Gmail Steve: Monkey stem cells, please!

We still know jack!

Halloween Monkey Tuesday mentioned.

show ends…

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