Mike Jones’s Theme means Friday’s show is underway…
…here’s our host clicking away
and “SecretTour de France Rider (80 hours)”, Goudeau for the last show of the week.

We chose to live in Hell!
Missing your family when they’re away…

Watching manly movies with Jonesy (Penn cried during AF1)
(Goudeau cried on the TdF yesterday)

Penn’s off the painkillers!
Missing when you juggle (on painkillers) – a real jazz bassist.
Jonesy: Last night’s bass player…

Talk to Layman Penn

Penn is NOT a “doctor” like Phil/Laura – Layperson Penn is here for you.

Caller Andrea: Why aren’t we evacuating people from Israel?
Penn: This is a very sexual call – full frontal aggression. Penn’s theory on Israel (Penn would rather talk about her sex life).

Caller Jason: “IT’S NOT DOCTOR PENN” – Penn’s convention tale about a hot assistant.
Jason: “I want to be a magician that gets laid.”
John Edward and the secrets behind mentalism.
Phil Goldstein mentioned – Criss Angel and panties.

Teller grabs a pigeon?
Penn being a wimp but eventually manages to be a pigeon grabber.
Goudeau has never caught a pigeon.
Everyone should grab a pigeon!


This is . . . .Penn Jillette with pigeons on the brain.
Gabriel Marquez – Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor – Seagull story.

Squirrel chasing.
Ted Nugent and bare-handed hunting
Goudeau stoning deer
Gmail Katie/Max: I Married a Magician!
Gmail: Move Israelis to New Mexico.

Caller Camelia: Happy Jack made me call you sexy Dr Penn.
Huge bad news – what’s Penn’s suggestion?
Penn: Betty Page glasses and some good advice.
Dorothy Parker mentioned.

We live in a godless world full of pain


Layperson Penn Jillette
Caller Don: Bullet catch (Banachek method) – remember 14 humans have died doing this stunt.
Penn – Do Not Do It!

Caller Claudia: Pet peeve – Karma.
Richard Dawkins and “Awe”
Penn: Just treat people well.
Goudeau: Respect.

Caller Miriam (All callers are calling Penn “Dr Penn”): Pigeon story

With a great ending!
Penn is surprised by the last word in her sentence.

Gmail: Dystopian novel title.
Bad Monkey.
Dr Penn has delusions of grandeur.
No music for Troglodyte Tuesday!
Patrick gets funny for Pigeon Catching Friday.

Demolition Man.
Gmail: Public Library question.
Gmail Jocasta: Chimps are Troglodytes
Caller James: Scientology and “catching pigeons” in Hollywood.
Penn on downloading TV.

And it’s the end of the show…

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