No show? Where are the guys?

We break back in halfway through Penn talking…

It’s the Monkey TuesdayTheme!!

Sending Bernice to the zoo..

Monkey Tuesday: Death and Violence

Monkey obituaries – a little therapist

Caller Mike: Ice cream chimp –
Penn: “A glorious death!”
Vegas interactive zoo
Penn: Feeding the bears.
Penn gets carried away.

Caller Warren (Goudeau: “run for your life Warren!”): China mall – monkey king.
Goudeau: “We’re gonna have to get a truck…”
Life-size? “There is no Monkey King!”
Goudeau stops Penn from suggesting a crime

Blaine – dissed


Chimp weight – huge goddamned monkey!
Caller Regan: Dolphin trainer. Lucy the sailor, punching children

and dolphins too!

Penn at six flags ’74 and a dead dolphin.
Penn too crazy to be put in front of a microphone.
Penn’s dolphin impression. Goudeau: “Penn Jillette – voice of Flipper”.

Caller Matt: Great Adventure in winter.
“It’s only seven bucks!”
Omen monkeys banging on the roof!
Artistic monkeys.


15,000 monkeys on your car.

Caller Holly: World series of poker Monkey.
Clever Hans mentioned.
Caller Joanie: Philadelphia zoo wedding story. Monkey gives his blessing

Penn makes stuff up!
Respecting the monkey.

Gmail Ironman: Monkey finger biting – plan ahead!

Jerry G mentioned.
Wrestling Orang utans!
Penn doesn’t want a finger bitten off.

Aristocrats is on HBO
Penn is on myspace. (try to find him)

Penn signs off but is attacked by a monkey

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