Here we go with Friday’s show

Penn’s here with Goudeau, we hear about future guests and Goudeau’s report for the next Monkey Tuesday.

Today’s guest (a letter writer to Bulls.Hit), Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, will answer the question:

What’s Going On In The Middle East?
Solving the Middle East crisis in under an hour

Persia is an Aryan country.
Islam converting by the sword.
Why September 11th?
Zillions of guys in the CIA
Penn is 100% ignorant.

Trying to explain to America.

Caller John: Date question.

Banafsheh’s background
(and quite a bit about modern Iranian history too)

Let’s say that Penn knows nothing…

If you were George W Bush, what would you do?

Good and bad Ayatollahs and being educated enough to understand differences.
Banafsheh gives an example.


Penn thinks it may take more than an hour to solve all of the problems in the Middle East.

Penn invites Banafsheh to talk about individualism.

P&T; in China.
Bermuda shorts.

Caller Mike: (is told off for self flagellation). Banafsheh loves America.
Eurabia mentioned.
Barack Obama mentioned.
Mike’s question is answered…


Penn, Goudeau and Banafsheh are here to solve the Middle East’s problems.
Gmail Johnny: One hour is not enough. More info…
Amir Taheri

Banafsheh’s solution.
The western media lies…

Callers – if she doesn’t like America, she should leave.


Caller Sarah: Doesn’t agree with Banafsheh – Brings US/Israel into the conversation. Banafsheh doesn’t agree and Penn has to separate them


Three times

Sarah has her say.

Fox News.

Banafsheh is sorry.

Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi ends the show…

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