Oh dear – Las Vegas are playing that nasty loop of the first few bars of Mike Jones’s theme tune.

Then it all goes quiet.

Where’s the show?

Here we go…
Penn and Goudeau are here and it’s the Mario repeat!

The guys have another technical snafu

Cuts back to Lewis Black interview.
Trey’s death threats mentioned…

Special Guest: Lewis Black (does he exist)?

Stand up and having an audience that want to see you.
Understanding TV numbers.
12,000 people in Munich
Improvisation and the HBOspecial
Lewis’s act – we don’t know what we’re doing anymore…good Middle East material
(No juggling this week)

Hippopotamus Eats Dwarf

Other people’s suffering and testing compassion.
(Penn tests your compassion…)
Lewis: you generate reality…

Arturo mentioned

Summerfest dwarves.


Over the top with the dwarf!
Goudeau reads out the story

Penn speaks in Thai and can’t screw up alliteration

Lewis and the old testament.
A definition of insanity.
Penn quotes the bible.
Rapture chat rooms (Goudeau loves this)
Jeopardy blog.
The left behind books – 25c to an insane guy.
I don’t think it’s “Rapture Time”

Penn’s insane cackling and the Aristocrats.
Lewis’s book.
Lewis and Penn, creepy kids.


The guys are back and have calmed down – fun with the show music.

Lewis’s movie
Another, deeper movie
Lewis’s background and his gay outreach program.

Lewis asks Penn for a Cavour (six minutes)
Blaine gag.

Seven minutes to light a cigarette.
Quitting is tough.
Peer pressure? Trained monkeys.

Lewis Black – King for a day
No wonder Kerry didn’t win.
Kerry joke.
Make a choice!

Penn wrapping up…

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