Patrick Moore in the studio.

They talk about:
Greenpeace and why he left them (extremism (especially anti-science views) and the influx of left wing activists). Water chlorinisation in Peru. DDT and the World Health Organisation and Paul Driessen. Ecology and politics. The Nuclear Issue. Naming Greenpeace. GM food and Hollywood Sci-fi. Feral Chickens. Salmon farms. Ben Metcalfe. Rainforests and bad math.


Penn’s brother-in-law had Homer Simpson’s job and Penn visited the local nuclear plant when he was a kid. Penn and Patrick’s respective conversions to a pro-nuclear viewpoint. Did you know coal-fired power plants produce more radiation than nuclear plants? Communicating pro-science views when Hollywood hates science. Regulatory burdens of nuclear plants and GM foods. Low-polluting France. Coal vs Hydro vs Nuclear.


Nuclear “waste” vs caffine. Reusing nuclear fuel. “Risk free” power and Penn says something good about France.

Global warming: is it 100% bad? Michael Crichton and certainty (consensus is not a science word). Al Gore sweating in New York. We’ve converted about one third of the ‘green’ parts of our planet for our own use and we’re still not hurting it. Patrick disagrees with James Lovelock. Is there a gaia?

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