They mentioned Mamma Mia and Goedeau’s wife who has appeared in it in the past and may appear in it again.

Today’s guest is Wendy Liebman who talked about being a stepmom, topics for bulls hit and the fact that she married into a Disney family. Then they talked about American Idol and The View. And they mentioned the Aristocrats. A lot.

They talked about trying not to be sexy and pretending to be flat chested. Wendy does her own censorship on the show. She tells of when a smelly Indian did a mind-reading trick – Penn asks “Was it David Blaine?” and then tries to explain the trick. Or maybe it was God.

“You’re very smart for a woman.”

Penn believes in puppies and love and

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The Penn Jillette Radio Show March 29, 2006 Download (Duration: 43:56 — 15.1MB) Cockroackes, David Letterman, Britney Spears, Boy

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