The guys were away ALL LAST WEEK ? we heard recordings – we were suckered!!!!

Today?s topic ? Fat Tax.
A tax on corn syrup.

Penn’s friend in Florida is wild about regulation. His emails make Penn mad.

Random quote: Corn Syrup is “the crack of sweeteners”.

Happy Birthday to Adam Corolla’s kids. (Twins Natalia and Santino “Sonny” Carolla, born on June 7th, 2006)

Moxie voted “Worst celebrity kid name”.

Caller John (skinny) – Med Student respectfully disagrees with Penn.
Penn’s view: the government is force. Anyway, $42billion go to subsidise corn farmers – why not stop that instead of a new tax?

Penn argues for a while and then blasts the new Beatles show in Vegas

Caller Melanie (didn’t/wouldn’t say if she was fat) argues that junk food is cheaper – Penn (surprise surprise) disagrees, then backtracks over prepared food. They both agree about the importance of education.


Gmail from Natasha (not fat). Sides with Penn.

First they control cigarettes, then food. Quick “Nanny State” rant.

Caller Neil (300 pounds 6ft) – No food tax! We keep losing rights and having raised taxes… Turn corn oil into alcohol into fuel? Penn kinda disagrees and suggests a free market solution.

Penn makes a straw man out of the first caller. “Eating makes you fat”

Anorexics on TV.

Penn didn’t know the cream at Starbucks was fat.

“People know what makes you fat” mini-rant including digs at Happy Jack and Elvis.


This tax is just a suggestion from the American Medical Association.

Goudeau gets frustrated.

A whole generation of short fat kids

Caller Chris – (are you the one who talks?) Does not believe in Darwinism BUT wonders about natural selection of fat people. Penn and Goudeau fixate on the Darwinism bit.

Cigarettes were taxed because of the money.

This is not a show about Darwinism (Goudeau argues that they can fit it in – and they do!)

Marvin Minsky mentioned.


Public service announcements always suck

Caller – Tom (i don’t know if this is true but…) Hippie point of view on corn syrup? Goudeau looks it up – finds nothing.
Penn sings Jump in the Fire by Metallica to the tune of it’s a small world and fails (Penn sings his own lyric instead).

Caller Mike – (promises not to sing) Control by taxation. “Most Worst” Caller?

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