Monkey Tuesday

All Monkeys All The Time

This show will feature a Dominatrix.

Death of Gy?rgy Ligeti mentioned. Penn tells a 2001 story.

Sweet story from English high school teacher called John.

Mistress Victoria Thrashing (calling from Red Stick). “I deal in class, sugah!” – kinky monkey story…

Sex workers as performance art:
Letterman monologue story
Penn’s story from page 58 of Cruel Tricks (i know, i know)


Cool monkey theme music – Mad Caddies
Penn was wrong (W.Wrongy Wrongenstein) – the 2001 theme is by Strauss (Goudeau – Levi Strauss!!)

Caller (Monkey vs paperboy) – Shaved Monkey!

When LOD came on he wanted to rise to the standard of Monkey Tuesday – he thought it was like that every day.

“So, you’re in trouble again!”
W.Wrongy Wrongenstein


MikeJones – plugged again – good thing too!

Caller Chet – Smoking monkey story

Caller – Thanksgiving with Zippy (who was wearing a bandana)

Penn and Goudeau have had lunch with chimps on a number of occasions. Tarzan doesn’t double dip.

Gmail – Monkey dressed as a Mexican wrestler, bahaving badly.

Caller Anthony – Mr Jiggs gets violent…

“Larry King never gets calls like these!”

Mistress Victoria should get a chimp.

Orangutan wrestling… maybe another time.

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