Flag Day

Bob Corn-Revere has been telling Penn an amendment may be on its way to ban flag burning…
Hilary Clinton is backing this.

Penn burns a flag six nights a week!
Their guest spot on the West Wing is mentioned.
Penn talks about G. Gordon Liddy, then asks for a sane caller.

Penn thinks it’s wrong to make threats

Caller – thinks the US is getting dumber and politicians are too interested in trivia – Penn disagrees with her but loves the word baloney.

Caller John: why don’t you get some showgirls on there with you.

Nice Gmail joke.

More flag burning stuff and get onto BBQ ZOO.

Hilary mentioned again – Penn would like to talk to at least one anti flag-burner.


Bill Frist’s proposed amendment is today’s topic.

Caller Chris: not there

P&T; got their idea for the flag-burning trick after their Magic and Mystery Tour seeing human rights issues around the world. They came back feeling pretty patriotic.

Caller Chris: Retired Police Lieutenant is offended by the burning of an American Flag. Penn agrees with his on everything but cites the first amendment. They kinda agree about jogging down the street naked.

Penn gets serious but still wants more people jogging down the street naked. Even Patrick.


Penn doesn’t want to change subjects…

“The Nut Point of View.”

Gmail from Ken – these people will want to ban anything offensive(!)

Caller Izzy: Burning a flag should end your freedom of speech. Penn disagrees.

Caller Nick: Burning flags vs Flag boxer shorts.
Penn (and Michael): It all comes down to intent…
TAM mentioned.

Caller Mike: Symbols and spotting terrorists.
“Keep your eye on me I’m an evil nut”

Gmail from James – three men…

Goudeau on flag burning: This is a robot killer: Limiting freedom in the name of freedom!?!? Argh!

We’ve only got another minute…

so they talk it out…

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