Friday’s show…
Asks Goudeau “How’s the Lance Burton Show?”
Goudeau tells him there’s a 10th anniversary party – Penn is ‘invited’.

Today’s topic: Christians, Facing the Giants.

Confluence of stupidity!

The Aristocrats did not have an MPAA rating.

Penn agrees with the christian nuts. Nut christians and nut atheists unite!

Creepy creepycreepy creepycreepy creepy creepy!

Why should we have the MPAA?

Non-elected anonymous is just unAmerican

Bush fines breast!

Caller Bob: Goudeau is worried about Bob.Important point.
Screaming SteveHawking discussed.

Caller Mike: MPAA cuts out minorities. Passion of Mel Gibson is a snuff film. Christ vs Freddie Kruger.

The nut point of view.


MPAA pushes homogeneity

Caller: MPAA lesser of two evils. No MPAA = more government meddling.
Freedom is the answer – self-regulation is not the answer.

EZ won the tri-state videogame olympics in the 80s

Caller Paul: You should watch movies with your kids (Goudeau saw Cars)

Let Paul go…

Caller Line Five (Brian): New ratings.

Patrick asked a question.
Goudeau and Herbie
Patrick gets “arthritis”.


EZ is sitting in and has told Penn about her win.
She was 16, won 5 games and won a motorcycle!

Gmail Greg: Christian Libertarian applauds Penn.
A flying crap.

Caller Ralph: Film distibution guy: Porno is nothing to do with MPAA. The movie “This Film Is Not Yet Rated” is discussed.

Honest review of Aristocrats.

Caller Vinnie: Catholic church’s movie guide.
(remember, Penn’s code for getting rid of callers is “Thanks for Calling” he he he).

EZ is reading.

Caller Arthur: There should be some kind of rating…

A monumental Penn Jillette show.
In favor of nut Christians.

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