The smooth bass/piano theme takes us into the show.

They start with a lie about Journey.

Why Penn hates Frankenstein.

Letter from Seoul, read by Penn’s sister.
Boiled food mentioned, then over to Penn’s Sister…

Irish Health Article on IVF

Penn talks about playing god and the theme of Frankenstein, mentioning a cut line.

We move to autism and the “breeding out” of this condition. They talk about medical ethics (where’s Sigrid Frye-Revere when you need her? )

Caller Terry: Comment on Frankenstein from a filmmaker’s point of view.

Caller Scott: A different spin… healthcare. Penn likes his point.
“If it’s morally wrong, I don’t think we should do it”
Stomach removal story.


Penn pushes
Penn has been dreading this day for about 40 years (Paul McCartney is now 64).
“Heather took 64m” – Goudeau.
Happy Birthday Paul – Just don’t mention “Liver” Let Die
(Note: McCartney’s birthday was, of course, “Yesterday”)

The line that was cut from Frankenstein was “Now I know what it’s like to be god” thanks to Natasha.

Caller Matt: Talks about Gattaca and <sigh>Uma Thurman</sigh>. Genetic selection.

Goudeau’s eyesight question.
Mac King’s wife explores good teeth.
Penn’s hernia.
Moxie v Zolten: The $35,000 Question

Caller Brian: Natural Selection – Nice call


EZ: Zolten is not getting $35,000 – he’s already eaten it.

Caller Jason: Agrees with Penn (though normally wouldn’t) would do anything to save his son.

Gmail Tim: Playing god “idiocy”. Nice mail.

Gmail genes vs astrology

False dichotomy of nature-nurture
Book Genome

Caller Chris: Cart before the horse. We have always played god when practicing medicine. Penn agrees.

Chemotherapy vs prayer

Gmail Rob: Stephen Hawking question
Penn “Goddamn!”
Goudeau “Shut up Rob!”

Caller Chris:
or is it
Caller Donny: Overpopulation

Penn disagrees and (oops!) cuts him off as it’s the end of the show…

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