You need a question NOT a topic.
(Monkeys on Mars)

Question is

High School Christian Speech.
(slips in a “$5,000 to kill someone” reference)
Monkey Tuesday

CBS’s rules that Penn has to follow..

Caller Tommy: loves monkey Tuesday – wants Martian Monkey Stress Tests.

Caller Mike: Monkey Tuesday must live and thrive.
Bush joke.
Has different view about “Brittany’s High School Speech” and “Freedom of Speech”

Psychedelic pandemonium.

Chaos is your comfort zone!

Take a crucified monkey to Brittany’s interview tomorrow in New York. Hold it up. Penn will be nice to you if you do.


Caller Jason: Monkey Story. Has been a costumed character who worked in Florida (for a mouse.)
Penn: This is a great story, let the truck go by.
Monkey fight!

Penn’s decision. TV show offer.
His cowardice and laziness.

Insulting the people you support.

Bulls hit and this show are fair and very biased.

Penn’s opinion on newspapers.

Goudeau interrupts Penn


Monkey Jesus brings us back on Sacrilege Tuesday.

Penn talks about lack of hateful listeners

Caller Ryan: His girlfriend goes to the school in question. Monkey Tuesday brings them together.

Caller Oshri: question about O’Reilly Show.

Caller Rich: Monkey Story, semi-large monkey vs mouse.

Gmail about Bill O’Reilly.

Penn: Can we get the girl from the story to call in tomorrow?

Three most overrated things.

Goudeau: Things that begin with ‘D’.
A tasteful crucified monkey.

Caller Matthew: Libertarian libertines, Jainism, and no time for his monkey story…

Great show though!

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