Variant of theme tune brings us into the show.

Goudeau? Have you heard anything about Global Warming?
Micheal Shermer mentioned.
Al Gore mentioned.

ABC news request anecdotes about Global Warming

Shaved squirrels.

Lance Burton 10 year anniversary party – P&T; went (kinda).
Robin Leach comes in late.
Al Gore on exaggeration and rights

Caller Carl: Evidence of global warming – a delightful weekend.

Penn and Goudeau’s “First times” getting hot.

Caller Tom: My wife is getting that kind of hotter.

Caller John, no Dave the Polar Bear: Can’t find girl polar bears…

Scientists views
Stephen Hawking and Venus

Caller Vinnie: No global warming – it’s all natural.
Super Penn!
Word of the day: Anthrogenic (caused by man).

Penn doesn’t have a strong opinion

so is enjoying this.


Fast piano intro – go Jonesy!

Mammoth spotting.

Gmail Tim: Fried eggs and draining tubs.

Caller Jeff: Stephen Hawking going outside his specialty. Linus Pauling mentioned.

EZ’s doctor story

Caller Anthony: Libertarians and swearing. Global warming, autism and Time magazine.

Caller Sam: . . . . . .

Gmail Scott: Nova – global cooling. (did he mean this?)

Penn says something good about France again.


yay – i lost my connection for a couple of minutes there

Caller: Linus Pauling and the vitamin c placebo.
Angelina Jolie vs Stephen Hawking.
Caller warns against “experts”.

Caller Noah (an “expert”): Manhattan will sink.

Goudeau: Climate change?

Caller John: Climate change subtlety.

Penn is NOT a scientist he’s a juggler.

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