Monday’s show starts with that bass/piano version of Mike Jones’s theme…

120 degrees – New England joke.

Jimmy/Warren Buffet

$37 billion dollars
What’s 200 million between these guys?

Is this an insult to Bono?

Bill GatesShrugged

Can anyone spend better than Bill Gates?

Malaria and DDT

Caller Bob: (hung up) Goudeau – Gates should get cellphones to work.

Government schools.

Patriotic Monkey Tuesday stories requested.
(one little mistake)

Caller Max: Schooling – disagrees with Penn.
(this caller and the next two all have weird noises coming down the phone)

Caller Mike: Smarter than you are a good magician.
Caller Justin: Public schools should be a privilege not a right! Penn agrees

Bill Gates/Moe Howard


Searing guitar version of theme tune – Jimmy Macintosh

Gmail(anon): Buffet points

Caller Patrick: Buffet, charity and Katrina
(weird phone noises are quieter)

Caller Lisa: Special education (no child left behind)
Goudeau: They’ll do nothing unless you demand it!
We talk about Goudeau’s kid for a while

Jimmy Buffet’s spent all of his money

Caller Brett: Washington sucks. Schooling discussion continues.

Caller Mike: Teacher from Jersey – it’s a new system, give it a chance.


A repeat of the first theme we heard today – I think Penn likes that…

Penn says “Uncle”
Gmail Geena: Point about the press…
Gmail: Schools (nice comment)
Gmail Eric: Influence…

Caller Katie: High school teacher – No child left behind makes her blood boil! More teacher input needed.

Penn looks in to pre-school for Moxie!

Caller Rob: New listener. Parental infuence?
Teller’s tenure.

Caller James: Commenting about Caller Katie. Gets a little mixed up – even calls Goudeau a guest!

End of the Jimmy/Warren Buffet Show

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