Yay, it’s another beautiful Monkey Tuesday!

(Pops, they’re so much like us!)

Reminder for next week’s Patriotic Monkey Tuesday.

Penn says a monkey mix would be acceptable – any topic that they will try to tie to monkeys.

Penn says last night at the show a fan had a crucified monkey for Penn to autograph!

Caller Michael: Bronx zoo story. Silverback and the Madonna monkeys.
Caller Liza: Monk-e-mail discussed.
Caller Keith: Peter Tork broke my stove!

Penn’s Billy Connolly story

Caller Steve: Green Beret story –

Gmail: Monkey reverse-paparazzi story.

Monk-e-mail discussed.

Gmail Mark: joke

Caller Erin: “Animal control hung up on us”


Jonesy’s theme (with Penn’s screeching) brings us back.
“Penn Jillette – I had no idea” (or was it Cronkite?)

Gmail – Gorilla Joke

Caller Greg: Back in the 20s…

Caller Rich: Florida’s “Monkey Island”
Caller Hugh: 1930s Philippines monkey story. Penn: “The Good Ol’ Days”

Caller Matt: Smoking Monkeys blowing smoke rings!
(“There’s nothing funnier than a smokin’ monkey” – Barry Marx).

Monkey Island information.


More monkey noises, then Penn reminds us that tomorrow’s show will be a “normal” show (whatever that is).

Caller Tim: Question about evolution.
Mentioned Preacher.
Dawkins mentioned.

Wikipedia’s “monkey tuesday” entry mentioned.
Patrick misses his cue.

Caller Derek: Smoking Monkeys question.
Smoking penguins!

Caller Alexis: Florida monkey island is not a happy place…

There is nothing funny about cannibal monkeys!

Caller John: Spider monkey story…

Caller Jason: Bra-stealing monkey.

We finish with Patriotic Monkey Music

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