The show starts with a nice version of the theme.
He’s here with Michael Goudeau and he has an echo…

They explain how far ahead they are with features like flag burning and second hand smoke.

Penn and carbon monoxide – “He’s not that stupid”.

Bulls.hit mentioned.

Penn wants to talk about Tattoos

Jonesy and Penn in Starbucks

Tattoos you regret…

Goudeau wants the body modifications that improve you. (Super hearing!)

Caller Laura (second try): only likes two (later changes to three) out of her ten tattoos. Penn makes her go through an inventory.
No, she can’t strip – she’s driving. She then gets cut off.

Goudeau suggests a growth chart up your leg for your kids. Penn likes that.

Caller Tom: Neal Peart tattoo story.

Caller Sky: My uncle got drunk… “woman hater”. Chinese tattoo – Goudeau suggests a scam.


Penn and Teller Show “Bullet Catch” Tattoo Story – Autograph my Three of Clubs.

Caller: Monkey on my back.

Goudeau hand print tattoo idea

Penn mentions his idiot friend…
Goudeau: “That narrows it down”

Caller: Identical twin tattoos (Tattoo gang wars!)


How pathetic is it that people have to write in to remind Penn that he did have a tattoo done (P113 of “How to Play in Traffic”)? In blood!
New York Times Story.
Penn’s other tattoos discussed
Tattoo of Blood – Lou Reed

Caller Beth: Two stories. 1. Too young? 2. Cops Lie.

Caller Kimchan: Darwin was right!

Stewart Wagner’s bullet catch tattoo.

Caller Holly(bad line): Hebrew tattoo. Loads of cool tattoos – Penn is very happy.

Caller Shaun: Shaky tattoo.

Caller Michael: Three of Clubs tattoo
Penn: Stewart and Jonesy have had this card inked on their palms

Caller Angela: Her father’s drunken misspelled tattoo – Penn is ecstatic

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